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Turkish Action Movie Posters
Do you have the poster of kanusuz kahraman, ringo kid?

"Onar Films" lives again
thank you for the information.

I can remember that I talked with bill and he mentioned Ringo vs Gestapo .... I was really thrilled hearing he found that movie.

now that I see Ceko is also on the list!
A turkish friend told me a few months ago that Ceko was shown in a cinema in Istanbul. Çetin Inanç and Yilmaz Köksal were also present! If I would have known this before, I would have really tried to be in istanbul around this time.

their are a few turkish movie groups on facebook, these I am a "member" of:
Onar Films
The World Of Turkish Historical, Fantasy, Horror & Peplum Cinema

"Onar Films" lives again
do you have any information on what movies they have planned too release?
and do they also plan to include optional english subtitles tp their disks .... would be a real shame if they wouldn't include subs ....