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Samson and Delilah
20 copies now availabel

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Rare random VHS FOR SALE
Pictures of the front of the sleeves would be helpfull.
no idea what most of the greek, turkish and asian titles are.

The Ghostly Face
I just had contact with naushad, a year ago he had the 35mm of the movie for sale .... he sayd he sold the movie to a german collector ......

The Ghostly Face
A few years ago I saw the indonesian version of The Ghost Face and I loved the movie, even I couldnt understand a word that was spoken since the movie was in Bahasa.
Some other people told me the movie was also released on other video labels and that there is even an english friendly version of the movie available.

Now I finally found the time to start too see if it is interesting enough to make a fan project of the movie.

untill now I have these versions on dvdr:
- German vhs
- Indonesian vhs
- UK vhs
- HongKong vhs
- French vhs

and I am expecting this dvdr:
- Danish vhs

versions that are still missing and I can't seem too find;
- Belgium vidoe release
- German 8mm
- South African 35mm

I can Imagen that the belgium and the french video release are the same.
the german 8mm is probably the same if not shorter as the german video release
the south african 35mm is a big mystery for me.

it looks like I will have to make the fanproject without the 3 versions that are missing for the compare, not very happy about this.

untill now the german vhs has the best image quality 2.35:1, but is slightly cropped on the upper part.
each version that I have watched till now has a different ratio, and is cropped different.

the german vhs runs 71:45min pal, untill now the most interesting to use as a master print, since it also has no sun titles.
on the other versions I found around 12min that is not on the german vhs .... that should be enough to say, lets make a fan project ....... but I still havent checked out the danish vhs.
if the danish vhs (this is in english / with subs and in widescreen) has all the missing scene's that are not on the german print ..... I wont bother to make a fan project ...... than the danish vhs is just the best and most complete version .... with subtitles.

than we just have to wait for a remasterd dvd that used the orriginal uncut 35mm film

I hope I can make a fan project of this movie,

Nyi Blorong / Snake Queen
pictures are new uploaded

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Jul 6 2017, 10:33 AM
No it doesn't :D This is what I see:

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You can use imgur.com though, works nice (until they also decide to make the users pay)
GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ............ can you see the pictures in this post? http://s9.zetaboards.com/THE_CINEHOUND_FORUM/topic/9011385/1/

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ah, cool! the last option still works

thank you miltos

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there are 4 options in photobucket too link a photo:



<a href="http://s212.photobucket.com/user/tombeterams/media/cyclops%20cut%20in%202_zps9yqs5nbg.jpg.html" target="_blank"><img src="http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc35/tombeterams/cyclops%20cut%20in%202_zps9yqs5nbg.jpg" border="0" alt=" photo cyclops cut in 2_zps9yqs5nbg.jpg"/></a>

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this sucks ... I have been using photobucket for years .... all the post I have posted dont have images in them anymore.

any suggestions what other free image hosting sites to use?