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Brucecampbell's tape sale
sta of ik schiet 7euro (only need the sleeve, mine is trimmed)

very nice cees!

yes, please shw us some images of your tape collection!

any spaghetties on tape :rolleyes:

Looking for dvd's
thank you for the info interfal.

some of the dvd's are indeed very expensive.
I am very happy I got the 2 spirito santo dvd's in a trade .... saw that they were offered for 40euro each on ebay :blink:

I prefer to buy several dvd's from 1 seller so I can safe on postal costs.

will cotanct Hobby&Work's ..... with a bit of luck they might still have some titles I am after

Looking for dvd's
found :rolleyes:

x Bada alla tua pelle Spirito Santo!
x Okay sceriffo
x Per un dollaro di gloria
x Spirito Santo e le 5 magnifiche canaglie
x Scanti ... a Trinita arriva Eldorado
x Amore piombo e furore

really happy with the 2 spirito santo dvd's! as far as I know the movies were never released on tape .... and these are the only limited official releases (on dvd)

O Cdmania, Where Art Thou?

dutch tapes
up for trade or sale

our german betamax stock
do you have a list with titles? or can you tell me / show me an image of what westerns you have left on beta?

oke, but still a bid of 300euro higher ..... is allmost 4 times more as you offered ..... he would have been a thief of his own wallet not to except the 380euro offer.

it is not nice for you ..... but i understand tthe seller

Aug 28 2013, 05:50 AM
Thanks but the guy told me that the offer of 380€ is higher than mine so he would take that offer ...

I understand it is not nice for you ...... but they guy wasnt asking much for the 200 tapes .... 40euro .... I dont know what you offered him???

but I can understand when het gets a bid 340euro higher as you were offering he sells it too an other. would have been different if the other bid was only 10euro higher

Aug 27 2013, 06:11 PM
he will ship them


with a boat from Sint Anthonis to Leeuwarden! that can take a week!


when are you going to pick up the tapes gert-jan?

cdmania (is he a member here?)
just places 2 bids on marktplaats
200euro for 120 betamax tapes and 180euro for 70vcc tapes

ofcours when you calculate it is not that much for 1 tape ... around 2euro

still brave bids :up:

hope we will see some images of the tapes he bought!

any spaghetties I dont have I will be very pleased too buy them from you ;)

zombie ww2 movies
thank you eric for clearing that up!

zombie ww2 movies
yes I saw the trailer, looks like fun .... a bit inspired by -evil dead- I thought

looking for Dutch tapes
I am looking for some dutch tapes, doesnt matter if they are vhs beta or vcc/video2000

- my name is mallory - vpv satelliet
- 2 kruizen te danger pass - vml
- all round spaghetti sleeve, doesnt matter what spaghetti western title - videoscreen
- 5 man army - rcv
- de razende samurai

If you have any other dutch spaghetti westerns, and they are not listed here, you are more than welcome to send me a pm or mail with a picture.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

zombie ww2 movies
Looking for zombie ww2 movies ...... only have
- shock waves
- oasis of the zombies

on dutch vhs

but i would like to see more of these kind of movies.

prefer dvd .......

also when you can just point out some some titles I should look for I will be very thankful

Zombie Lake is high on my want list!

- Ken Wiederhorn (1977) Shock Waves - USA
- Jean Rollin (1981) Zombie Lake - France / Spain
- Joel M. Reed (1981) Night of the Zombies - USA
- Jesús Franco (1982) Oasis of the zombies - France
- Peter John Ross (2003) Horrors of War - USA
- Steve Barker (2007) Outpost - UK
- Tommy Wirkola (2009) Dead Snow - Norway
- Marko Mäkilaakso (2011) War of the Dead USA / Lithuania / Italy
- Steve Barker (2012) Outpost 2 - UK
- Shaun Robert Smith (2013) The 4th Reich - UK
- Richard Raaphorst (2013) Frankenstein's Army - Holland / USA / Czech Republic
- (20??) The Rise of Valhalla

also find the zombie/ww2 gerne alott of fun

tape is yours Vienna

Üçünüze Bir Mezar video Review
Aug 20 2013, 12:03 PM
Looks really interesting! For sure it seems the director really wanted to make a "modern" action movie disguised as a "classic" western movie

which other titles are in the same vein?

I cant give you a complete list if these "side" westerns. since I focus on "real" westerns.

I have a few in my collection ... so I can only point these for you out:
- Cesur
- Yedi Belalilar
- Kovboy Ali (comedy)
- Umudumuz Saban (comedy)
- Dadaloglu nun Intikami
- Azrailin 5 Atlisi
- Cilginlar Ordusu (have a double vhs copy for sale)