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Flea markets: what is worth saving?
great tape! very collectable!

Selling my giallo collection
Aug 7 2015, 10:30 AM
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In the Eye of the Hurricane C-Video Canada

perhaps you should offer this tape to some italian collectors on facebook ... did you try Simone Gallo or Sandro Litti?

The motherload
do you know were the pictures are on facebook hans?

The motherload
do you have a link to the facebook pictures?

Dutch VHS Sleeves - Part 2
do you have a vml spaghetti carton? never seen any, but I am sure they excist

spaghetti westerns
holland moment to kill
south african The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe

gone in a trade for the uk beta of Bandits (aka sonny & jed)

spaghetti westerns
Other Skandinavian tapes

Return of Shangai Joe
Pistol for Hundred Graves
Gentleman Killer
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spaghetti westerns

Death Does Not Count the Dollars
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Run Man Run
They Call me Lucky
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Sabata the Killer
Some obscure skandinavian western on 90's sell tape that nobody is interested in ....
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spaghetti westerns
south africa

Buddy Goes West
Ballad of Django
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Time of Vultures
Vengeance is Mine
The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe
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spaghetti westerns
usa - ntsc

Adios Hombre - Seven pistols for a Massacre
Twenty Thousand Dollars for Every Corpse
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Twenty Paces to Death
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spaghetti westerns
for sale

moment to kill
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Some dutch VHS wanted
you rented the tapes out to a fellow collector and he never gave you back the tapes?!?
that must be a joke? please tell the story .... who is this guy?

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
empire of the ants looks fantastic!
and you can never go wrong with a double vhs box with porn!

Asian Horror VCD / DVD
........ EXPENSIVE .........



Asian Horror VCD / DVD
have a whole bunch of indonesian horror posters/lobby cards

also 2 vhs tapes, but the quality / playback isn't that good. not horror but action. can sell you these for 12.50 each

All Dutch ex rental tapes for sale.
thelegend of frenchie king is a very rare tape! took me years to find it!

5euro on zwarte musketier

Turkish Tapes
do you have more turkish tapes?
looking for ceko and kanun adami on kalkavan (white sleeve)
and olum fermani on arsel also with the white sleeve (like umudumuz saban)

Indonesian Horror & Action Tapes
for sale and trade

Lo straniero di silenzio / Silent Stranger/ Stranger in Japan
Very interesting.

I found a vhs of the silent stranger.
untill now I was always told the movie was never released on vhs, due to legal issues.

the only version that was available of the movie was a tv broadcast. than a few years ago a german company released a dvd, and short ago also warner has a DVDR(?!) available of the movie.

but all these versions are CUT! they dont run much longer as 85min.
the uncut version should run around 100min .... so 15min are missing

I have no idea how long the running time is of the tape I found. but it is very interesting that the tape has a different title "the horseman and the samurai". don't know if this is also the title on the film it self. really looking forwards on comparing the vhs print with the dvd .... with a bit of luck there are missing scene's on the vhs!

the tape should arrive in the next days!

Dutch VideoScreen
Who can help me, PLEASE!

I am looking for several dutch videoscreen sleeves of the following movies:

7927 Voor zeven dollars meer
7952 Red Sun
7982 Zijn naam was Pot
7983 Bid en sterf
7985 Sta of ik schiet
7986 Execution
7990 Zorro aan het hof van Navarro
7992 Een vreemde in Sacramento
8092 Django en Sartana
8101 Shango
8102 De wreker
8133 Een waardevolle vriend
8134 Django ontmoet Sartana
8154 Komt voor elkaar Amigo
8580 Django strikes again

sleeves must have this size

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I am only looking for the sleeves. most of the time the sleeves were folded so they would fit in a normal size videobox.

I have 3 empty boxes, and would love to have sleeves for them
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