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Spaghetti Western dvd's
Might be interesting if any one knows of some spaghetti westerns that are released will be released on dvd, too point them out here.

saw on amazon that these 2 double dvd's will be available in december

only $6,95 each!!

1st double dvd: A Man Called Django! / Django and Sartana's Showdown in the West
2th double dvd: Django Kills Silently / A Pistol for Django

I made a pre-order ..... and I would suggets, when you like spaghetti westerns, go for them!

I think most know the wild-east and koch web-site ..... but the smaller unknow labels are ofcours the real treasures!

Spaghetti Western Collection
stephen grimes
Sep 21 2012, 06:06 PM
Do you collect posters (locandine/fotobuste) as well or is it just vhs/dvd?

I started once too buy old italian posters ..... but I stopped ..... cant hang them all anyway.
I did frame a few ...... but the rest a roled up ..... and forgotten about.
also a shitty job to scan them.

I did consider to start colelcting the german " neues film programm"

small flyers / booklets printted int he 60'70's
they were distributed monthly and would would be about 1 movie

I bought a few of them years ago for peanuts ..... than I was looking for them again short ago ..... and I saw each costed 5 till 20euro now!
and I know if i start collecting them I would want them all! so over 600 of these booklets ....... hopefully I will bump into a whole stock of them .....
perfect material to read on the toilet.

Dutch VCC sales !
fasthand is still my name for me please.

only need too send me the sleeve

Spaghetti Western Collection
Sep 21 2012, 03:41 PM
Could you take pictures of your Hem Video collection?  :)

I love the hemvideo/nordic label.
But I dont collect all spaghetties released on the label.
their are too many titles released on the label that I allready have.

their is still 1 title on hemvideo that I need ... Gunfight at Red Sands

also wouldnt mind too have companeros and matalo on the label ..... but I would only take them through a trade

also love the black vtc tapes :wub:

Posted Image

Spaghetti Western Collection
The new hype seems to be too post a topic with pictures/movies of your collection (even their allready was a topic for this) ...... So I cant stay behind! ..... no movie .... theirfor some behind the scene information ;)

Since a couple of years I have been collecting spaghetti westerns.

The passion for the spaghetti westerns came when I was a child ..... the sergio leone movies allways made a very big impression on me ..... can remember as a child seeing the good the bad and the ugly and the movie was just overwelming! it couldnt get any better! ...... the whole movie would be staged over after with my playmobil.
a couple of years would past .... the playmobil was out of the picture, but everytime when I would see a leone movie ... new qualities of the movie would accure to me and the love for the movies would only grow. I started to dig into the spaghetti western gerne saw the sergio sollima westerns, and went deeper into the gerne .... the sartana's, djang's, sabata's, trinities etc.... a whole new world opened for me .... the world of italian B cinema!

I started with collecting dvdr's from each spaghetti western made between 1960 and 1980.
in a very short period of maybe 2 years I collected more or less all movies that I was after ..... a few titles are still missing, but they were probably never released on video/dvd or broadcasted on tv.

I decided to start to collect some video labels, and short after my goal was to collect at least 1 video copy of each spaghetti western made between 1960 and 1980.
also I want to collect every spaghetti western released in holland on tape (Im dutch .... only i life in switzerland :wink: )

ruffly sad, their were about 700 spaghetti/euro westerns made between 1960 and 1980

My collection is growing every week ..... but i came to a point were it becomes really hard to find/trade tapes I dont allready have .....
Or I need tapes that are so rare that I cant find them ..... or when they are available they have a price of being pretty expensive, I mean the italian tapes!

their are still around 140 titles I am after on tape ..... say that 30-40 I spotted on video and have a price between 1euro and 50euro .... so they are just on a list of stuff I have to buy ..... than their are round 50-60 titles I dont even know if they are released on video. and say 40 tapes that are so rare that the chanses are very small to find them.....

I have around 775 video's in my collection at the moment

since the video collection is growing very slowly .... i am going to expend my collection by collecting also dvd's of every spaghetti ....... my dvd collection is much smaller ...... around 375 at the moment ...... also trying to collect the whole japanese macaroni western bible series.

these are images of my collection ..... most rows are double .... so behind each row of tapes is an other row of tapes

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

European westerns not from Italy, Spain, Germany
sorry harm! completely forgot about your western!!
still need too find a video copy for my collection (beta or vcc is also fine :P )

never saw any information about the 2 dutch westerns........ were they ever broadcasted on dutch tv?

their are also some interesting Asian westerns made in the philipines!

and im still searching for an indonesian western

have some more, but these I have pictures of in photobucket
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Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
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The Tiger from The River Kwai
I am looking for the Film Service Holland release of The Tiger from The River Kwai.

sleeve looks the same as the techno/ fletcher sleeve .... only has some yellow stickers on it , ofcours the tapes has dutch subs.

I have the swedish techno film release of the movie ... but I need the dutch one.

the tape I am looking for can be vhs betamax or vcc

trading is also possible for example my swedish vhs + money or an other tape

Posted Image

turkish spaghetti western
For trade

turkish spaghetti western
Çilginlar Ordusu

T. Fikret Uçak - 1972

Turkish audio - no subs - vhs
Posted Image

Posted Image

this is the poster of the movie ..... I dont have the poster ..... just an image to give more information about the movie ...
Posted Image

WOOF! dutch sales
Sep 11 2012, 06:21 PM

I have it now, Tom. Thanks.

what version did you find?

the dutch vhs?

[Stephan73] Dutch VHS for sale!
concrete jungle 7,50

WILD BEASTS - dutch VHS - X-Rental on EMPIRE
both labels on the tape! you dont see that very often on an empire tape!

isnt rikard collecting this label?

WOOF! dutch sales
Sep 9 2012, 05:02 PM
Posted Image

very rare tape woof!

from the master of trash! Demofilo Fidani

Demofilo Fidani (1973) Amico mio, frega tu... che frego io!

no dvd is available of the movie ..... and finding it on video is very difficult!

believe harm is looking for it .....

diagnosis murder looks great!

rene is still going on, did a trade with him last week


Space Nazi's!
no didnt see it ..... my girlfriend brother went to it .... and he said it was a bit disapointing ....... was afreed of that .... the idea is cooler as the movie it self

a nice rare tape from venezuela

Posted Image

old newspaper advertisements
very cool!

did you cut them out yourself?

Angel Eyes
nice japanese van cleef dvd box added to the collection

Posted Image