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Mondo Macabro
10€ bid on Naked Rashomon : jönas

Mondo Macabro
new bids by Danisky:

Mill of the stone women 16 euro
Satans blood 10 euro
Panic beats 10 euro
Satanico Pandemonium 12 euro

Mondo Macabro
Sep 28 2014, 08:41 PM
Blood of the Virgins 5€

won't sell for less as 10

Mondo Macabro
Jönas:Assault: Jack the Ripper - €21

Mondo Macabro
Demented: Assault: Jack the Ripper - €20

Mondo Macabro
€10 on Seven Women for Satan
Assault: Jack the Ripper - €16

Mondo Macabro
Lorna the Exorcist & Countess Perverse 10euro each

Mondo Macabro
Mill of the Stone Women 15euro (if this is the one without the layer change freeze)

checked, dvd plays fine

Mondo Macabro
Sep 26 2014, 11:42 PM
Why do you sell one of the coolest existing dvd series :)

Nude princess 30
Alucarda 20
Awakening of the Beast 20
Mill of the Stone Women 15 (if this is the one without the layer change freeze)

When does the bidding end?

thank you for the bids candela

will check, mill of the stone women .... I am not sure but it does ring a bell that their is a moment on the dvd that it doesn't play .... will led you know.

not sure when the bidding ends, just put the dvd's up for sale ..... probably will end the auction when no new bids have been entered in a few in a row.

decided to do them away, cause I bought the movie, watched them once .... and since than they are just standing their. the asian mondomacabro movies I keep. but since I am not a big horror fan, I thought .... why not sell them.

last month we moved to a new apartment, and I got a bit confronted with how much "stuff" I have :-)

Mondo Macabro
got an offer of 20euro on Blood Rose

Mondo Macabro
got a bid of 30 Euro on that French Sex Murders

Mondo Macabro
For Sale Mondo Macabro dvd's
selling to the highest bid, so looking for offers.

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Gangsters70 aka Days of Fire
for trade / sale

label: UVI
Italian audio no subs

Director: Mino Guerrini
Gangsters '70
Italy 1968

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vhs spaghetti western english audio
They Call Him Holy Ghost is sold

vhs spaghetti western english audio
titles: from left to right

- Starblack 1966 (Giovanni Grimaldi) - NTSC - Brazil
- Buddy Goes West 1981 (Michele Lupo) - Pal - South Africa
- A Taste of Death 1967 (Giovanni Fago) - Pal - South Africa
- Fighting Fist of Shangai Joe 1973 (Mario Caiano) - Pal - South Africa
- The Last of the Badmen 1967 (Fernando Cicero) - Pal - South Africa
- The Moment to Kill 1968 (Giuliano Carnimeo) - Pal - Holland

- The Hangman's Tree 1968 (Ettore Maria Fizzattori) - NTSC - Brazil
- Savage Guns - 1971(Demofilo Fidani) - NTSC - USA
- The Last Gun - 1964 (Sergio Bergonzelli) - Pal - Greece
- The Hellbenders - 1967 (Sergio Corbucci) - Pal - Australia
- Death at Owell Rock - 1967 (Riccardo Freda) - Pal - UK or AUSTRALIA .... not sure
- They Call Him Holy Ghost - 1972 (Giuliano Carnimeo) - Pal - Denmark

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For Sale - Zorro at the Spanish Court
For Sale
ntsc - italian audio
very good condition.
Regia : Luigi Capuano
Cast : Giorgio Ardisson, Alberto Lupo, Maria Grazia Spina

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VHS Delitti - Giovanna Lenzi

VHS Delitti - Giovanna Lenzi
75euro facebook (reserve reached)

VHS Delitti - Giovanna Lenzi
55euro bid on facebook

VHS Delitti - Giovanna Lenzi
For Sale
Italian Audio - NO subs
GS Video - 1987
Regia : Giovanna Lenzi
Cast : Saverio Vallone, Michela Miti, Alessandra Izzo, Laura Troschel, George Ardisson, Gianni Dei, Lara Orfei

vhs-store.it also has the tape for sale he asks 199euro :wacko:

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