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Flea markets: what is worth saving?
for some reason picture 6 doesnt load

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
wow wath a catch! great tapes!!

thoose fsh tapes I never saw before! rare tapes!

Flea markets: what is worth saving?
wow great finds!

unbelievable ... I was looking for that kungfu brothers in the wild west tape for years and couldnt find it ..... i stop collecting spaghetti western tapes and I see 3 og them in a few months time!

Membakar Matahari / To Burn The Sun
For this compare I used 5 different releases.

1- indonesian tv version / widescreen / Bahasa
by far the best version, this version will be used as master fort he fan project.
alott of cuts are in this version, mostly love scene's and 1 or 2 bloody scene's.

2 - freek vhs / cropped 16:9 / english
a very dark print, maybe the worst of all, but also the most complete + it has an english audio track.
the audio of the version will be used ... will try to use as little as possible from this print for the missing scene's.
Posted Image

3 - indonesian betamax / cropped 16:9 / bahasa
better picture quality as the greek tape, but also cut. some scenes that are not on the tv version are on the betamax ... but the cut scene's are also cut ?!? ...
Posted Image

4 - french dvd / cropped 16-9 / french
very dark print, also strong cut, some scene's that are missing from the version are in this version, some scene's look better as others.
Posted Image

5 - indonesian vcd / cropped 16-9 / behasa
I believe this is the same as the indoensian betamax
Posted Image

French vhs, I didnt use this for the compare, I presumed it is the same copy as the dvd
Posted Image

Random Images too compare picture Quality
Posted Image

according to film indonesia the movie should run 86min
the tv version runs around 80min, but alott has been cut from it. I can imagen that 86 can be reached when all the missing scene that can be found on the other versions are added.

To Burn The Sun(1981) goes previous too Ferocious Female Freedom Fighters (1982).
I find it a great movie, very entertaining and not even a bad story.
Eva Arnaz looks stunning, another reason why I love to watch indonesian movies :wub:

the indonesian tv version looks fantastic, remasterd widescreen .... but cut from any love scene's and blood.
funny that a kiss between Yanti and Rachman is cut .... but after they have been married a kiss between the two isnt cut anymore.

here is an overview of what is missing from the tv version.
0:06:34 - man walks into screen
0:09:11 - kissing couple
0:15:59 - robbery & rape
0:17:01 - dirty talk after the rape
0:20:53 - zoom out on legs
0:24:53 - kiss in hotel room
0:25:41 - whore house room scene
0:37:37 - train station & sex scene
0:38:57 - sex scene trafficer
0:47:05 - flasback kiss
0:47:07 - flasback kiss
0:50:43 - guy bleeds on stone
0:57:44 - flashback rape & guy get head kicked open
1:07:28 - old man with young girl in room
1:12:29 - love scene hotelroom & yanti leaves room & girl gets paid
1:20:59 - man steps on girls dress

Membakar Matahari / To Burn The Sun
Membakar Matahari

Producer: Dhamoo Punjabi
Director: Arizal
Writer: Deddy Armand, Arizal
Cast: Eva Arnaz, Barry Prima, Ruth Pelupessy, Wenny Rosaline, George Rudy
Language: Bahasa
Year: 1981

There is a robbery in a village far from the city, and the robbers not only steal, they also kill. Yanti is raped and is taken to Jakarta. Both her parents and her younger sibling are murdered by the robbers. Rachman, who really loves Yanti, finds her in a night club. Although she has become a prostitute, Rachman still loves her. They escape the brothel and marry in the village. Yanti receives martial arts lesson from Rachmanís grandfather and decides to take revenge on the robbers and the pimp who trapped her in prostitution. With numerous tactics and great fights, Yanti and Rachman manage to defeat the criminals and the pimp.

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