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The business of Global Video
cobra mission full screen
warbus 2 full screen
to hell with heroes

wild team
last hunter
tiger joe
strike commando
strike commando 2

The business of Global Video
have artwork for 3 gun showdown
only need vamos amartar
thanks for help as always

The business of Global Video
thanks but i will release my own titles

The business of Global Video
thats because there is no money in releasing spaghetti westerns
no profit to be made
i would rather release italian vietnam war movies.i sold 10 times more dvds of this genre that westerns

The business of Global Video
i dont know whats lets go kil sartana
my next releases will be vamos amatar sartana george martin
3 gun showdown george martin

double george martin

The business of Global Video
hi guys
what nonsense is this guy ninja talking about?he received his movies
as for rights,i never claimed to own rights of movies unless its the spaghetti westerns i released
what bull is this about complaining to police,they dont care about movies .
i sold many 35mm and 16mm movies
just recently i sold over 500 16mm prints to a collector including 66 x35mm prints 500 shorts
every item was shipped to him without any problems.as for bobby saurez:the man is dead but he tried stopping me selling original copies of movies of which i distributed in south africa.
who is he to stop me selling movies to anyone ,anywhere?
i told him to go and sell emails to everyone in the world who is selling his movies .never heard from him after that .just heard he passed away.
i didnt care about the man at all.my opinion.
i own rights to plenty of spaghetti westerns in south africa,but why what right do i have to tell my customer not to sell his copy to someone abroad or on ebay?
he bought it legally and he sold a legal copy .its his dvd to sell to whomever he wants.
my firend bought the rights to 3 movies from bobby to distribute over here.he made me the agent .sold me 500 of each movie.i could not even sell 30 of each title over here as people told me its total garbage.
had to sell them @$1 EACH.still found it difficult to sell,even on ebay
we eventually gave them away for free.you buy any dvd from us and get 1 of bobby's movie's free.
customers took the deal but still complained it was crap even though it was free.
so ninja get you facts straight before you come and post rubbish here
you got your movie .
i hope this clear things up

el perro aka the dog
is there any good quality copy of this out there?
it stars jason miller from the exorcist
it is a spanish production

usa has the title "dog called vengeance"but it is poor quality

in search of english dubbed print