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Old "RED" Sunrise Tapes!
1 Gang of the "Fare" West, The 1972 Sergio Corbucci Sonny and Jed
3 Domino Principle, The 1977 Stanley Cramer
4 Sex With a Smile No2 1976 Sergio Martino
8 Blacula 1972 William Crain
11 Too Late the Hero 1970 Robert Aldrich
17 Wacht Niet Django Schiet 1966 Alberto De Martino Django Shoots First
18 Fighter Pilots 1977 Franz Marx Wing Commander
20 Thunder Over El Paso 1972 Roberto Bianchi Montero
40 Massacre at Central High 1976 Renee Daalder
41 Bloody Payroll 1976 Mario Caiano
42 Dont Torture a Duckling 1972 Lucio Fulci
44 Venetian Black 1978 Ugo Liberatore Damned in Venice
45 Gambling City 1975 Sergio Martino
46 House on the Edge of the Park, The 1980 Ruggero Deodato
47 Case of the Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas, The 1977 Flavio Mogherini
50 Four Billions in Four Minutes 1976 Gianni Siragusa
53 Primitif 1978 Sisworo Gautama Putra Savage Terror
56 Emptiness All Around, The 1969 Javier Seto Shadow of Death
58 Holocaust 2 1980 Angelo Pannacco
61 La Malediction de Frankenstein 1972 Jess Franco Erotic Rites of Frankenstein, The
64 Machismo: 40 Graves for 40 Guns 1971 Paul Hunt
75 Dracula´s Saga, The 1972 Leon Klimovsky
76 Frankensteins Castle of Freaks 1974 Robert Oliver
78 Night of the Sorcerers, The 1973 Amando de Ossorio
83 Dracula´s Great Love 1972 Javier Aguirre
85 Lorely´s Grasp, The 1974 Amando de Ossorio Night when the Screaming Stopped, The
87 Horror Rises from the Tomb 1973 Carlos Aured
88 Devils Possessed, The 1974 Leon Klimovsky
89 Werewolf and the Yeti, The 1975 Miguel Iglesias Night of the Howling Beast
93 Malenka 1969 Amando de Ossorio
94 Vengeance of the Zombies 1973 Leon Klimovsky
98 Queen for Ceasar, A 1962 Piero Pierotti, Viktor Tourjansky
100 Adios Gringo 1965 Giorgio Stegani
102 Deadly Revenge 1971 Roberto Bianchi Montero Eye of the Spider
105 Day Time Ended, The 1980 John BUD Cardos

Fill in the blanks guys!, i know vh and thijsie holds some of the missing titles...

Jan 9 2008, 09:25 AM

here's food for thought on those red sunrise tape....

MACABRE is # 5 , and MALENKA is #93.......

so that should give u guys an idea of just how many sunrise 1st issue releases there are... B)

Deadly Revenge #102

Jan 8 2008, 06:50 AM
you are gathering an amazing collection together Ironmaster. I hope you've got a large house :)

could you give me (us) the numbers and titles of your red Sunrise tapes? I am trying to get a list of these tapes together, just like you are doing with the vfp label. When there are no resources to be found, you have to create your own :)

Thanx :) I dont live in a house, i live in a 2room apartment ;) not much space for me thou...

Im working on a list of the red sunrise tapes, will post it later this week.
Keep up the good work! Also tryin to make a list of the empires...

Dec 16 2007, 09:00 AM

apparently in the late 80s umbrella video took over distribution for BEST1 or became BEST1 ....and instead of changing the inlay on sweet sixteen, they placed thier company logo sticker over the BEST1 logo in the spine...and printed thier own cassette labels..

Looks like Umbrella took over Video Star as well...

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Jan 8 2008, 08:02 PM
Yep that's true an amazing collection, glad I could help to with it
And I see Run Man Run, And I think it's in a Vestron Video Box  ;)  ( on the inside there must be locus video group)

Not sure how you could tell, but yea its a locus box :blink: :blink: :blink:

Some nice lookin tapes Peter! Time for a new trade? ;) :)

Posted Image

My list of spare tapes, let me know if you find something you like...
My main area is old dutch tapes with italian genre movies...but im also intrested in greek, scandinavian and other english spoken vhs releases of such movies...

Will update my list now and then...

If you want pictures just let me know and i will post them in this thread...

2019: After The Fall Of New York Uk - Pre-cert VTC Martino
A Man Called Blade Uk - Pre-cert VTC Martino
A Small Town In Texas Swedish Walthers
Addio Ultimo Uomo Japan Pack-in Video Castiglioni
Addio Zio Tom Japan Pony Video Jacopetti
Airport SOS Hijack Uk - Pre-cert Video Unlimited
Alchemist, The Holland Video 2001
Alone In The Dark Greece JP Video
Alone In The Dark Greece AGM Video
Amazon Jail Australian Prime Time Ent.
American Nightmare Holland Media
Amityville Horror, The Uk - Pre-cert Guild
Amityville II The Possession Uk - Pre-cert Thorn EMI Damiani
Angels Brigade Holland Video Screen
Anthropophagous France Virginia Distribution Amato
Anthropophagous aka The Grim Reaper US - NTSC Monterey Home Video Amato
Atlantis Interceptors Uk Medusa Deodato
Ballad of Cable Hogue Holland Warner Peckinpah
Bamboo House Of Dolls Greece VCG
Barbarella Uk - Pre-cert Paramount
Barbed Wire Dolls US - NTSC Imperial Video Corp. Franco
Baron Blood Uk - Pre-cert Guild Bava
Basket Case Uk - Pre-cert Palace Henenlotter
Basket Case 3 Uk Synergy Henenlotter
Battle of Manchuria, The Greece Palace Video Productions Yamamoto
Beyond The Darkness Uk - Pre-cert AVI Amato
Beyond The Darkness Swizz Star Video Amato
Beyond the Law Danish MDC Stegani
Big Bird Cage, The Greece Audio Visual Ent.
Big Bird Cage, The US - NTSC Warner
Big Bomber Holland Video For Pleasure Lupo
Big Man 2 Swedish Video Express Steno
Bird With The Crystal Plumage, The Uk Stablecane Argento
Black Christmas Australian Star Video
Black Fists Holland First Video
Black Hooker Holland VUH Video
Blood Rites Uk - Pre-cert Scorpio Video
Bloodstone Swedish Scanbox Mastorakis
Blue Sunshine Australian K-Tel
Brainwaves Uk - Pre-cert VTC Lommel
Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia Holland Warner Peckinpah
Bronx Warriors Uk - Pre-cert EV Castellari
Bronx Warriors 2 Uk - Pre-cert EV Castellari
Caged Fury Uk - Pre-cert Pyramid Santiago
Caged Fury Greece Video Screen Play Santiago
Caliber 9 Greece Lucifer Video Ent. Di Leo
Cannibal Apocalypse Greece DAV Margheriti
Cannibal Apocalypse Uk - Pre-cert Replay Video
Cannibal Holocaust Japan CBS Fox Deodato
Charleston Swedish Prisma Fondato
City Of The Living Dead Uk - Pre-cert Inter-Light Video Fulci
Class Of 1984 Uk - Pre-cert Thorn EMI
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Uk - Pre-cert Colombia Pictures
Colt Concert Greece Cinehollywood Fulci
Commando Leopard Swedish Walthers Margheriti
Concorde Swedish Hem Video Film Deodato
Contact Greece Sunrise Video
Craze Swedish Trix
Creepshow Uk - Pre-cert Intervision
Cynic, The Rat and the Fist, The Danish Filmlab Lenzi
Day of the Cobra, The Holland EVC Castellari
Day of Violence Greece Cinehollywood Petrini
Days Of Fury Swedish Frekvensia
Dead And Buried Uk - Pre-cert Thorn EMI
Deadline Swedish Walthers Azzopardi
Death Rage Holland Video Universal Margheriti
Devil with Seven Faces, The Greece Palace Video Productions Civirani
Devonsville Terror, The Uk - Pre-cert VTC Lommel
Dial Rat For Terror Holland Award Video Cohen
Die Monster Die Greece Home Video Hellas
Dirt Swedish VTC
Dirty Heroes, The Uk - Pre-cert VIP De Martino
Django Kill! Greece AVM Questi
Django Strikes Again Swedish Arena Rossati
Doomwatch Swedish Videoklubben
Dracula vs Frankenstein US - NTSC Super Video
Dracula´s Saga, The Holland Video Screen Klimovsky
Emergency Squad Greece Audio Video Magnetic Massi
Endgame Uk - Pre-cert VTC Amato
Erik The Conquerer Uk - Pre-cert Hotline Video Bava
Eureka Holland Warner
Evictors, The Swedish Walthers
Executioner, The Uk - Pre-cert Colombia Pictures
Exorcism Uk - Pre-cert VPD
Exorcist II The Heretic Uk - Pre-cert Warner
Explosion Swedish Walthers
Flatfoot Goes East Swedish Walthers Steno
Freelance Uk - Pre-cert Derann
Friday the 13:th: The Orphan Swedish Trix
Fright Swedish MDC
From Hell to Victory Swedish N.M international Lenzi
Gambling City Canada Vogue Video Martino
Girl in the Yellow Pyjamas, The Danish Meteor Video Mogherini
Golden Triangle Swedish Walthers
Grapes Of Death, The Greece Sunset Video Rollin
Halloween 2 Swedish Mariann Carpenter
Hands Of The Ripper Danish Filmlab
Hellraiser 3 Swedish Egmont
High Crime Uk Abacus Castellari
Hills Have Eyes, The Japan Toshiba
Hills Have Eyes, The Greece Silver Video
Hills Have Eyes, The Swedish Continental Video Craven
Hitch Hike Uk - Pre-cert VTC
Home Sweet Home Holland Media
Hostages Swedish Viking Video (Prisma) Cardona
House By The Cemetary, The Holland Thorn EMI Fulci
House By The Cemetary, The Greece Videosonic Fulci
House Of Exorcism Greece Liberty Video Bava
Igor and the Lunatics Australian Roadshow
Ilsa Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks US - NTSC Videatrics
Island of Fishmen Greece Rex Films Martino
Jericho Mile, The Swedish VTC
Jungle Raiders Danish A-B Collection Margheriti
Justine Uk - Pre-cert Video Unlimited Franco
Kansas City Massacre Swedish MDC
Kidnap of Mary Lou, The Greece Rex Films Lenzi
Kidnap Syndicate US - NTSC Interglobal Video Di Leo
Killer Must Strike Again, The Greece VCI Cozzi
King Boxer Holland Warner
Kingdom Of The Spiders Swedish Trix
Kingdom Of The Spiders US - NTSC VCI Home Video
Laboratory Of The Devil Holland Hollywood East Video
Last Bullet, The Swedish Walthers
Last Horror Film, The Uk - Pre-cert Intervision
Lifeforce Holland Esselte CIC Video Hooper
Losers, The Holland Video For Pleasure
Love Letters Of a Portuguese Nun Greece Video Acropolis Franco
Mad Butcher, The US - NTSC Magnum Entertainment
Mad Max Uk - Pre-cert Warner
Man Called Magnum, A German Euro Video Tarantini
Manhunt In Milan Greece Cinehollywood Di Leo
Manhunt In Milan Greece Memory Video Prod. Di Leo
Mardi Gras Massace Greece Posidon Video
Martin Uk - Pre-cert Hello Video Romero
Massacre At Central High Uk - Pre-cert Merlin Video
Master Of The World Uk - Pre-cert Video Home Selections
Medusa Swedish VTC
Mission Thunderbolt Danish Filmlab
Mondo Violence US - NTSC T-Z Video
Mountain of the Cannibal God, The Danish Hem Video Film Martino
New Barbarians, The Greece Videosonic Castellari
New York Ripper, The Belgium MPM Production Fulci
New York Ripper, The Greece Home Video Hellas
Night Of The Bloody Apes Greece Panorama Cardona
Night of the Sharks Greece Hi-Tech Video Ricci
Night Train Murders Greece Cinehollywood Lado
Night Train Murders Greece Video Acropolis Lado
Nightmare City Greece Video Alsen Lenzi
Nightmare City Uk - Pre-cert VTC Lenzi
Nightmare Concert Austria JPV Fulci
Nightmare Maker Uk - Pre-cert Atlantis
Oasis Of The Zombies Uk - Pre-cert Filmland Franco
Obsession Holland Video For Pleasure
Once Upon a Time in the West Uk - Pre-cert Arena Leone
Operation Foxbat Holland Video For Pleasure
Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid Uk - Pre-cert MGM Peckinpah
Phantom Of The Opera, The Germany Colombia Pictures Argento
Poltergeist Uk - Pre-cert MGM Hooper
Powderkeg Uk - Pre-cert Iver film
Prison Camp Girls, Jailed for Love Greece Olympic Video Raab
Prowler, The Holland CVD
Rabid Holland Video Screen Cronenberg
Rats Night of Terror Japan TDK Super Video Mattei
Red Rings of Fear US - NTSC Wizard Video Negrin
Retrievers, The Swedish VTC
Return to Horror High Danish Juno Media
Rome 2033 The Fighter Centurions Uk - Pre-cert Medusa Fulci
Rome 2033 The Fighter Centurions Swedish Viking Video (Prisma) Fulci
Rue Morgue Massacres, The US - NTSC All seasons Ent.
Sadomania Danish Spectrum Franco
Scanners Holland EVC
Scream and Die Greece VCG Larraz
Seagull Island Swedish Viking Video (Prisma) Ungaro
Shivers Uk - Pre-cert Intervision Cronenberg
Shocking Africa US - NTSC Force Video Castiglioni
Shocking Asia Greece VCG Olsen
Shooting, The Uk - Pre-cert Cardinal Films
Shriek of the Mutilated Greece Alligator Video
Shriek of the Mutilated Uk - Pre-cert Iver film
Silent Sentence Swedish Walthers
Silver Saddle Greece Topaz Overseas Prod. Fulci
Slammer - Chained Heat 2 Swedish Filmkompaniet
Slave Trade in the World Today US - NTSC Vidcrest Malenotti
Spasms Danish Filmlab
Survive Uk - Pre-cert Thorn EMI Cardona
Suspiria Uk - Pre-cert Thorn EMI Argento
Tenebrae Uk - Pre-cert Videomedia Argento
Terminal Island Holland VUH Video
Terroroperation Ground Zero Danish WM Video
They Call Me Trinity Holland Video For Pleasure Barboni
Thunder Run Swedish Juno Media
Ticks Holland Exclusief Film o Video
Tiger Joe Gerillakrigaren Swedish Hem Video Film Margheriti
Tintorera Greece Audio Visual Ent. Cardona
Today its Me Tomorrow its You Holland Star Video Cervi
Too Much Gold for One Gringo Greece Audio Video Magnetic Bosch
Too Much Gold for One Gringo Greece Master Home Video Bosch
Tornado Swedish Transworld Margheriti
Tough Cop Greece Video Theama Lenzi
Tough Ones, The Greece Rex Films Lenzi
Trauma Holland CNR Video Argento
Two Missionaries, The Swedish Walthers Rossi
Ursus Uk - Pre-cert Inter Ocean
Vampire Lovers, The Greece Home Video Hellas
War of the Robots Holland Precision Video Brescia
Web of the Spider Greece Prestige Video Margheriti
Versace Murder, The Holland Arcade Pictures
Wind, The Swedish Tower Vision AB Mastorakis
Vineyard, The Uk New World Cinema
Visiting Hours Uk - Pre-cert CBS Fox
Women in Cages US - NTSC New Horizons
Women in Fury Greece Joconda Video Tarantini
Zero Boys, The Swedish Juno Media Mastorakis
Zombie II Uk - Pre-cert Vipco Fulci
Zombie II Greece Video House America Fulci

Plot of Fear Germany
Love to Kill Hong Kong? Golden Cinema City
Little Moon and Jud MacGraw, Holland Videomedia
Island of Terror Holland Standard Video
Investigation of a Citizen above Suspicion Holland RCA Colombia
Run Man Run Holland Manhattan
Scarab, Holland/Belgium Golden Video
Vengeance Holland Video for Pleasure
Forest of Fear Holland Video for Pleasure
Cannibal Man Holland Video Star
Cannibal Apocalypse Holland CNRVideo
Messalina Holland Spectrum