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Selling a part of my collection
My tapes came yesterday. thank you TommyFFF.

Cheap sale!
convoy buddies 5euro
a reason to live a reason to die 8
mighty warrior 5
wraak van der zwaardvechter 3
kung fu giganten 5
battle of neretva 5
gorgo 3
sinbad de seeman 3
hell riders 6
tharus attila 5
deadly games 5
the empire porno in box 1 3

I think i got a couple of belgian argento posters i can trade. I also have a bunch of troma sell-thru tapes that might interest you.

Sales thread
May 8 2013, 10:59 AM
I have 17,50 on the batch of bootlegs. Will let that one run until 6pm.

@ Ironmaster, no dice
I could do
The Opponent
Man of the East
... the 3 combined for 10. Concerning the other bids, we're too far apart.

Will take those three for a tenner then. Whats the reservation price on the others? :cheers:

Selling a part of my collection
Frightmare 6euro

Django En Sartana & Django Ontmoet Sartana
Django En Sartana 10

Selling a part of my collection
Frightmare Videoscope 3
House that cried murder cnr 5
black bunch muntel 3
Pirates of the 20th century eagle 6 3

Sales thread
Soldiers Story 3
One Down two to go 3
The Opponent 3
Warbus 2 2
Halleluja voor een paar vuisten 3
Russicum 2
Blood sweat and tears 4
Man of the East 3

Four For All - Worldwide Video

Four For All - Worldwide Video

Warners, Esselte, Video Media VHS, VCC and BETAMAX
sabata 5euro