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Video for Pleasure
List updated with some new findings, still a lot of gaps in the list, and in my collection...help needed!

Video 49
List updated, but still some holes to fill. Help needed...

Many thanks to Bill Knight and Aurel for some really heavy stuff, some great additions to my collection.

Wanted : German Jess Franco Tapes
Theres a necronomicon for sale at the german ebay...


Another great deal with the gringo, thank you Tom!

Wantlist with prices
List updated!

Wantlist with prices
Bill Knight
Jun 18 2011, 12:30 AM
The above three tapes are sold to Ironmaster.

Thank you :)

Im the one who should say thanks.

Wantlist with prices
Updated with some founds and some pending tapes.

Many of the tapes ive been offered are tapes i never thought i would see in my collection. So a big thanks to all of you!!!

Wantlist with prices
A couple of my wants with prices im willing to pay. In some cases the price will be negotiable. Feel free to contact me if you have any of the tapes im after. The prices are for vhs tapes but i also collect beta and vcc.

Im also up for trades...

Video for Pleasure

Contes Immoraux €25
De Blonde Love-Machine €20
L΄Alcova €10

Sunrise Tapes 1st gen. Red

Karate from Shaolin Temple €25
Operation Cross Eagles €25
Black Sands €25
Booby Trap €30
Kidnapped Coed €30
Secret Lives of Romeo and Juliet €25
The Notorious Cleopatra €25
College Girls on Vacation €25
Hercules Challange €25
The Trojan War €25
One Silver Dollar €40
Achtung the Desert Tigers €40

Video 49

49.044 ???
49.046 ???
49.049 ???


You can do a lot €15
Blackmail €30
Een Ondeugende Zomer €15
The Scavengers €25
Valentin €10
Hell Riders €15
Zeisters €15

VML 1st gen. Blue

Devils Nightmare €30

EVC Blue

Kiss me Killer €30
Night of the Living Dead €30
House of the Lost Girls €30
The Pumaman €15
A Town Called Hell €20
Savage Pampus €20
Pecos Cleans Up €20
My Name is Nobody €10
Call of the Wild €15

The EVC tapes doesnt have to be dutch, any blue release will do.

Video Star

Convoy Busters €30
Flavia de Non €25
Emanuelle Queen of Sados €20
Black Jack €20
Voor een Kist vol Dollars €15
Het Heroinekomplot €25



The Asphyx €30
His Gun was his God €25
What is Good for the Goose €15
Neither the Sea Nor the Sand €15


Sugar Hill €20
Emma Mae in the Streets of LA €15
Disco9000 €10
Godfather of Harlem II €10
Hete eieren in Winderig Beieren €10

Worldwide Video Productions/International Video

They Called him Trinity Worldwide Video Prod. €25
Bang Bang Kid Worldwide Video Prod. €25
Cry Blood Apache Worldwide Video Prod. €20

Delta Video

Burning Rubber €10
Im your Killer €10
Kill me Gently €10
Deathbeam €10


Paranoia IDI €200
Eiland der Verdoemden (Terminal Island) IDI €30
Ring of Darkness Cinehollywood €30
Final Executioner aka Last Warrior ? €10
Bay of Blood Twin Video €50
Season for Assassins GME €25
Cobra VCL €20
Meer Dollars Voor de McGregors VPV 1st edition(black) €20
Five Giants from Texas VPV 1st edition(black) €20
The Killer Likes Candy Benelux Video €20
The Riffs III FIlms International €15
Rolf the last Mercenary Brabant €25
De Bloedige wraak van Ringo Hafbo €10
Levand, bij Voorkeur Dood! Hafbo €10
Een Pistool voor Ringo Hafbo €10
In...de Dagen van Geweld Hafbo €10
Magic Curse IDI €30
The Life Taker IDI €25
My Horse... My Gun... Your Widow CNR €10
Gringo the Buzzards CNR €15
Ben and Charlie CNR €15
Blade Violent VDS €20
The Forest Slave VDS €15
Women in Fury VDS €10
Season of the Witch VideoPower €20
Animal Protector Jaguar Video €10
Sorceress Video Screen €10
Desperado΄s Op Wielen Fsh/techno €25
Vigilante II Rockwell Video €20
Sex of the Witch Master Video €75
The Nude Princess Master Video €75
Devil Story VDS €100
Dont Open the Window World Video €50

Greek tapes

AVC - Athens Video Club

Quien Sabe AVC
In the eye of the hurricane AVC
Calibre 38 AVC
A bullet for the general AVC
Shoot Joe and Shoot Again AVC
Head Down AVC
They Came to kill Sartana AVC
Price of Power AVC

Video Alsen

Dont Shoot on Children
Danger Death Ray
Password Kill Agent Gordon
Deported Women of the SS special section
Horror Safari
gangsters Law
the kid from Naples
Massacre in Rome


Deadly Triangle CVH - Cine Video Hellas
The Man with the Icy Eyes CVD - Concord Video Dist./North Home Video Hellas
Come Cani Arrabbiati SK
Hunting Ground Haidi Co Video
Magnificent Dare Devil HVH
Napoli, Palermo, New York, il triangolo della camorra Delta
Two Faces of Fear IVC
Faccia di Spia PM Video Galaxy

Lookin for some dutch tapes
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Lookin for some dutch tapes
Will upload some better pictures in a couple of minutes, hopefully we can make a deal that includes both.

Lookin for some dutch tapes
Jun 11 2011, 11:45 PM
Dec 11 2010, 03:20 PM
Sunrise Tapes 1st gen. Red
Dont Torture a Duckling
Emptiness All Around

I have these but only interested in swapping against some other rare giallo tapes. ;)

Well, I might have one or two tapes i could trade. ;) :rolleyes:

Posted Image

One or two might not be giallos and all of the dutch tapes are not for sale/trade

Lookin for some dutch tapes
2 more titles added. Cross Shot and Convoy Busters, both on Video Star

Lookin for some dutch tapes
Another update and some new tapes added to my wantlist.

Great deal with betastillrules, thank you for a very nice package of tapes!