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I guess its time for a new list, lets try to complete it, it will be a bit difficult since some of the tapes had no numbers. Some of the late Empire releases were infact released on the Atlantic label and that makes it even more difficult.

I have all the red ones, please let me know if you have any of the missing titles for sale...


01 Oog om Oog The Death Duel
03 De Ijzeren Kung Fu Vechter
04 2 mafkezen in tirol
05 Die Screaming Marianne 1971 Pete Walker
06 Een Ondeugende Zomer
07 Crazed 1982 Richard Cassidy
08 Frankenstein Island 1981 Jerry Warren
09 Kung Fu Giganten
10 Time Slip 1979 Mitsumasa Saito
11 Goodbye Bruce Lee 1975 Pin Lin, Harald B. Swartz
14 Suicide Force
15 De Groeten aan de Duivel 1971 Leopoldp Savona Apocalypse Joe
16 Mark of the Devil 1970 Michael Armstrong
17 Operation Ganymed 1977 Rainer Erler
18 The Lustful Barbarian 1971 Adrian Hoven, David F. Friedman
19 The Fifth Offensive
20 Oriental Hawaii
21 Battle of Neretva
22 The Colt is my Law 1966 Alfonso Brescia
23 Queen of the Nile 1961 Fernando Cerchio
24 De Laatste Kannibalen 1977 Ruggero Deodato
25 House of Mortal Sin 1976 Pete Walker
27 The Lifetaker 1975 Michael Papas
29 Listen to My Story
30 Vier Vuisten Vallen uit de lucht 1975 Gianfranco Parolini We are no Angels
31 Valentin
32 Eagles Over London 1969 Enzo G. Castellari
33 Blue Island 1982 Luigi Russo
34 Bermuda Mystery 1978 Tonino Ricci
35 Dirty Heroes 1967 Alberto de Martino
36 Return of the Werewolf 1973 Carlos Aured
37 The Scavengers 1969 Lee Frost
38 In the Claws of the CIA 1982
39 Canon Operation 1977 Tae-ho Seol
40 A Man to Respect 1972 Michele Lupo The Master Touch
41 Last House on the Left 1972 Wes Craven
42 The Cynic 1977 Umberto Lenzi The Cynic, the Rat and the Fist
43 Womens Camp 119 1977 Bruno Mattei
44 Tough Cop 1976 Umberto Lenzi
45 Who´s Next? 1972 Massimo Dallamano Solange
46 Sinbad
47 The Masters 1975 Luigi Zampa
48 Delirium 1972 Renato Polselli Delirio Caldo
49 Godfathers Friend 1972 Frank Agrama
50 Appointment in Esfahan
51 You can do a lot 1971 Fabio Piccioni You can do a lot with 7 Women
52 The Long Red Shadow 1968 Percival Rubens
53 Blackmail
54 The Thief 1955 Mario Bonnard La Ladra
55 The Killing of Satan 1983 Efren C. Pinon
56 The Executioner 1974 Umberto Lenzi Almost Human, The Kidnap of Mary Lou
57 Flight To Hell 1971 Jesus Franco X312 - Flug zur Hölle
58 Gosts that still Walks 1977 James T. Flocker
59 Massacre 1973 George P. Cosmatos
60 Squeeze Play
61 The Cobra 1967 Mario Sequi
62 The Glass Sphinx
63 Battle of the Desert 1969 Mino Loy La Battaglia del deserto
64 3 Giants for Rome 1964 Antonio Margheriti
65 Escape from Taiga 1967 Harald Phillip Liebesnächte in der Taiga
66 The Executioner part II 1984 James Bryan
67 Killpoint 1984 Frank Harris
68 Tunnel
69 Scream Bloody Murder 1973 Marc B. Ray
70 Weekend Pass
71 Tarzoon
72 The Knock-out Cop 1978 Steno Flatfoot in Africa
73 Sodom and Gomorra 1962 Robert Aldrich
74 Wild Beasts 1984 Franco Prosperi
75 Hell Riders
77 Exit Dead End 1980 Francisco Lara Polop
78 Deadly Trigger 1985 Joe Oaks Deadly Twins

??? Five for Hell 1969 Gianfranco Parolini
??? The Spirits of Jupiter 1985 Russell Kern
??? Savage Island 1985 Nicholas Beardsley
??? Mission Force 1982 Yen-ping Chu Dragon Attack, Fantasy Mission Force
??? Magnum Cop 1977 Stelvio Massi Fearless Fuzz
??? Zeisters 1986 John Golden
??? The Ultimate Pleasure

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Video 49
List updated, now with pictures

Jul 29 2011, 10:09 PM
:wub: :wub: :wub: :cheers: :tapelove: :cheers: :wub: :wub: :wub:
thanks so much for pics like that, awesome collection right there!!!

Glad you liked them, will up some pictures of my video49 collection and empire collection later. Might even take some new pictures of my vfp collection, but im waiting for some new arrivals...

Ive taken some new pictures of my sunrise collection. I now have 67 of these beuties...
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Let me know if you have any for sale that im still missing...

Target for killing (Delta video, Dutch ex-rental)

Many thanks to Teade(kingofb) for some lovely tapes and another great deal.

I bought 8 tapes from this guy. Took about a month or a bit more before i recived my tapes.
It took a lot of reminding pm before he sent them. I also noticed that he was online when i wrote my msgs but still no reply. Sometimes i do that also but thats because i use my cellphone and its quite more messy replying that way.

I sure hope you guys will recieve your tapes eventually.