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Dutch Warner Home Video Tapes
Jul 28 2011, 07:41 PM
Jul 27 2011, 06:51 PM
Besides I really need Badlands, I would also need these;
- The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
- The Wild Bunch
- Barry Lyndon
They have to be in good condition and with original boxes.

You mean the black shiny plastic warner ones or the ones with a round back (the later ones made from plastic with a round back)?

Nice list though.

The ones with the shiny plastic! But if you got the above tapes without the original boxes, please let me know.
More titles will be added in the future.

6 Vhs tapes Cicciolina
I've got 15 for Honorable Et Perverse Cicciolina and the others 5 each...

6 Vhs tapes Cicciolina
offers please...
please notice that I'm on a holiday from tomorrow afternoon until 5th August, so I won't be online.

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Dutch Warner Home Video Tapes
They have to be in good condition and if possible with original boxes.
Also needed are empty Warner boxes, first editions.
- Badlands
- The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
- The Wild Bunch
- Barry Lyndon
- Alice's Restaurant
- Audrey Rose
- Barquero FOUND!!
- Big Bird Cage FOUND!!
- Breakhart Pass
- Bronco Billy
- Carrie
- Chato's Land
- Cool Hand Luke FOUND!!
- Dirty Harry FOUND!!
- Enforcer, The FOUD!!
- Exorcist, the FOUND!!
- For A Few Dollars More
- Good, The Bad And The Ugly, the
- Hospital, the
- Mad Max FOUND!!
- Mad Max 2 FOUND!!
- McQ
- Mr Majestyk
- Night Moves
- Outland
- Raging Bull FOUND!!
- Satanic Rites Of Dracula FOUND!!
- St. Ives
- Tom Horn
- Friday The 13th
- White Lightning FOUND!!
- The Doors- A Tribute
- Nightlife
- Motel Hell
- Trackdown
- The Omega Man
- The Green Berets
- The Night Before
- Still Of The Night
- Knightriders
- Violent Streets
- Black Stallion
- The Black Stallion Returns

Dutch Warner Home Video Badlands
According to "video uit & thuis catalogus 1987" this was released here on Warner, so does anybody have this?

Badlands - Dutch Warner Home Video

VDS video (or VSO)
Jul 7 2011, 08:59 AM
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stolen on pre-cert from our Guy aka Mr. brucecampbel

How dare you to use MY pictures :angry:

Only joking mate! :P

5 Video2000 Cinehollywood tapes
All English with Dutch subtitles.
All in their original Cinehollywood boxes.
Stickers are on the sleeves.
Current bids on pre-cert are:
- Special Train For Hitler 50
- Loaded Guns 10
- The Left Hand Of The Law 10
- Rulers of the City 10
- The Delta Factor 10

I will end this Friday evening AROUND 8pm UK time.

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brucecampbell's sale
Jul 10 2011, 10:08 AM
5 on "Killer Instinct" if indeed the Santiago flick... :unsure:


It is!

brucecampbell's sale
Stone Cold Dead
Grace Quigley
Bye Bye Jupiter
Scanners are gone...

Some new ones...

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Fuck, this is really getting confusing with this "seller"....luckily I didn't pay anything.
People are gonna avoid Belgian sellers this way...