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thrilling bloody sword
Alright guys,
sorry for the triple post but I guess when I just edit the last post nobody will take a look at the thread.
I continued my search and found out that there seems to be NO VCD at all. I talked with a few people and they confirmed my concerns.

But well, I'm not given up that fast so I continued:
On a torrent tracker I've found an VHS-rip which seems to be pretty widespread among the blogger-scene. Why I'm saying this? Because the VHS-rip got a watermark in the upper left-corner, seen on many screenshots in various blogs. Is it a TV logo? A company logo or something? Maybe someone of you knows more. Here are some screenshots from this article.

Posted Image
Posted Image

The said torrent tracker is currently down so I'm not able to get the screenshots from there but I'm pretty sure that this is the exact same rip. But a friendly blooger linked me to this auction/offer and as you can see in the screenshots, there is no watermark. It looks like the guy just burns the DVD by himself and sells them, but what source is he using? Could it be the case that the movie got released on a proper VHS?

Well, I hope you can and will help me, I'll continue my detective-work and post it into this thread.


Asian DVD/VCD stores & sites
Hello community!
Some of you gave me some great Shaw Brothers advice in this thread. Ehm well, off-topic byside.
I wanted to order some of these movies at DDDHOUSE and I wanted to ask if somebody has any experience with the customs? I already imported some videogames from Japan and had to go to my local customs office :wacko:

Would be nice to know if somebody had the same problems after ordering some movies at DDHOUSE.


thrilling bloody sword
Nobody? :(