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Question / Help needed for a new "project"
What about Uruguay? I don't know if there were any Italian/Spanish genre films released but they had the VHS I guess.

[LF] Some DVDs
thanks for your offer! I sended you a PM with my e-mail address.


Sale: BDs, DVDs (La Orca...)
I'm interested in the BAmboo House of Dolls DVD, I also sended you an PM.


The Kung Fu Kid (1977)
I already postet that at KFC a few minutes ago and I thought you might like this, too!

The Kung Fu Kid (1977)
Alright, this is my first try to write something like a review of a movie or some kind of introduction to something that might encourage people to waste money on it and put it on their shelves next to the other hundreds and thousands of movies. I'm honest, I'm just getting into Martial Arts/Kung Fu movies and I'm absolutely not knowledgeable in this part of cinema history so no fancy background facts or associations with other Kung Fu movies, just my thoughts that I somehow scrapped together after I watched that particular movie. Who knows, maybe if I find it enjoyable to write about movies and you're thinking that my review was somewhat bearable than..maybe there'll be some more reviews in the future.

Enough blabla lets get to the movie:
The Kung Fu Kid from 1977 directed by Lo Wei. I don't know Lo Wei but hkmdb says that he directed a lot of movies and was an actor in even more movies so I'm sure that I'll see him again in my cinematic journey.
The movie starts with a woman who screams, according to the subtitles, which are by the way somewhere between "Ah I get it, I can follow the story" and "Oh my god please, why are they using first graders to translate a movie", "Thief! Thief!" ah yeah we're in the middle of a robbery. Of course the woman who gets robbed is totally dizzy after screaming straight into the camera and spinning together with the cameraman for a few seconds, so there is no way she could catch that thief. The thief is not some random HongKong-punk no he's our star of the movie: Fang Min played by Michael Chan Wai-Man, again I don't know who that actor is but hkmdb says that he likes to play in countless movies so, see you soon Michael!

Fang Min gets away and looks into the bag. What did he get? Some delicious Hong Kong Dollars, uh yeah. Next scene he buys some drugs, I don't know what kind of drugs, as I'm too lazy to look up the exact scene but it is probably some pretty dangerous stuff. I heard that the father is an important figure in an asian family, the center of everything. Fang Min didn't buy the drugs for himself but for his father, good son. But hey. whats that? His father is dead, oh no, the addiction was too much for him. As if this is not enough, the police raids the house and arrest Fang Min he doesn't even has time to bury his father.

Now Fang Min is in the prison and after some decent fighting scenes he realize that fighting is no good in the prison so he becomes the model prisoner, everybody loves him and after all he is happy being in the prison, far away from that tough Hong Kong. That was the movie...

No not really. Some policeman, with the goal of crushing the local drug scene needs some guy who'll infiltrate one of the biggest smuggling group, the group around our main villain: Big Man. The director of the prison recommends Fang Min because he has decent Kung Fu skills and he is super nice, Fang Min accepts as he sees this as an opportunity to revenge his fathers death and be of some use for the society.

There are more characters in the movie and some nice twists in the story but I think that should be enough for you to get an idea of what the movie is all about.
The fighting scenes are quite nice and the stuff between the fighting isn't that bad either, totally worth some Dollars if you find the VCD by Fortune Star which is currently unavailble at DDDhouse. You probably know other shops or ways to get the movie. The VCD itself is ok, don't expect too much, the picture quality is bearable and the subtitles, well, I have seen worse.

Please do yourself a favor and don't read the text on the back of the VCD, it is full of spoilers and pretty much tells you everything about the movie, just read my introduction, that should be enough.

Thank you for reading this text, I hope it wasn't too bad.

Links of interest:
hkmdb.com - The Kung Fu Kid
dddhouse - The Kung Fu Kid

[LF] Some DVDs
Hello there,
I'm looking for some DVDs, nothing too special, they should be in a good condition!

  • Sonny Chiba - The Street Fighter - Trilogy [Optimum Asia]
  • Sex and Fury [Panik House Entertaiment] the first release, not the re-release

Thanks in advance.


Moving to a New Server...!!!
This is amazing, not only because it feels better but also because I think (or I hope) this will boost the forum activity a little bit.
Compared to the other users I'm a super newbie, both to movies and to the forum and I never really experienced cinehound when it was at its peak, activity wise.

One thing I noticed is the search engine, I typed in various things but I've got no results. For instance I typed in Shaw Brothers, results from 2006 to 2015 and I've got no results :o
I searched contest (there should be plenty results) and again: nothing. Maybe you need to activate some stuff in the admin area?