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Video Player History
This site looks pretty interesting, thanks for sharing :)

What kind of collector are you?
Or: why are you collecting?

Hey there,
I really like to read what new stuff you dig out, what cool tapes shootringoshoot is posting in the Museum forum, the massive VCD/DVD collections of some users, it's just cozy in my opinion to scroll through the threads.
But I would like to start some kind of meta discussion, why are you collecting and what are your goals (if you have any)?
Lets be honest: this kind of movie hobby can get quite pricey and the lack of space...oh boy the lack of space, so what drives your passion?

Do you just like movies and would like to physically own them instead of some rips on a hard drive/watching them via internet stream?
Are you interested in the history of the medium of your choice? (for instance you just like VHS, LaserDisc etc.)
Are you passionate about a certain genre and there is simply no other way to enjoy it at the level you're doing it.
Do you collect just because you want to collect something? In other words the hunt for the next thing and the pleasure of receiving it is enough for you.
Is it a mix of everything mentioned or do you have any other reasons?