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HELP: German translation
Without any context of the scene I would say that your translation is already pretty spot on.
"Eine ist wie die andere, was?" is about women and Canardo replies with a "Alles Schnepfen!", Schnepfe is a curse word for women. Why this is the case is probably something for linguistics but the bird Schnepfe looks quite eh... arrogant or however you wanna put it :D

indonesian vcd's
Sweeney Todd
Jan 10 2017, 09:08 AM
I got a lot of original VCDs from Malaysia several years ago, including all the available Pontianak titles. By precaution (as I don't know if these VCDs will survive through the years) I copied them on DVD-rs.
you have a very interesting point there, was talking with somebody about this a few days ago.
I have been recording some indonesian laserdiscs to dvdr lately ..... also the laserdiscs slowly show signs of rot!
I can imagen that the vcd's also have a life cycle not so long. in max 10years these vcd's wont play anymore ..... same for dvdr's. probably the best way to transfer the movies is too safe them on a usb stick ....... than again can we read usb sticks in 20years? 20years ago people used too safe there data on floppy disks .... what computer today can still read floppy disks?
This is a problem that probably all archives or people who want to backup their data face: will I still be able to use this particular hardware in a given time from now on? How long will this hardware work? How much redundancy do I really need?

In the end it comes down to financial issues I guess, everyone is responsible for his own stuff and needs to see how much he is willing to spend. I guess the point of digital archives is to always move the data from one place to the next (read: probably better) hardware and always keep this flow going.

For a private person who wants to backup some VCDs? I would suggest burn them on a DVD-r and put the VCD on a hard disk drive or two. Another aspect to keep in mind is to store the backups at several places, not everything in one house for instance, maybe you can store a hdd at a friend or so, maybe you'll need it someday.

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jan 9 2017, 07:18 AM
Yes... They probably want something close to this particular film's budget for a DVD-R copy :P

I used to really like Arte, but since they labelled films like "Tombs of the Blind Dead", films by Dario Argento and Mario Bava or any given Mexican horror film as "trash", I have nothing but hate left for them.
Oh I see what you mean, I hate the term "trash movie", too.
Did you see one of those SchleFaZ (Die schlechtesten Filme aller Zeiten | The worst movies of all time) runs on Tele5?
Basically they take a movie (when I saw it they used The Super Infra Man) and put boring and really not funny quotations on the screen, for subtitles they don't use the correct translation but some goofy fake dialogue that could come right out of the mouth of a 12 year old, like: "Ohh why do you enter the room without knocking? I was masturbating!" (I'm not kidding!).

I find it really sad that they treat the movies like that, but I guess I'm simply not the target audience for such bullshit. I was happy to watch the Super Inframan on TV but when I saw what this freak-show was all about I turned it off and picked out my DVD of the movie, much much better ...

As for ordering the movie from the television channel, yep it'll probably cost a small fortune. :(

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
Jack J
Jan 6 2017, 12:08 AM
Jan 5 2017, 09:53 AM
It's strange. It's like they've made a doc about German new wave films that are basically ignored by German tv. On Arte they frequently show French, Italian and American films from "the olden days". Apparently not German cinema. :blink:

Why is this - do you have any idea, Okerlo?
Well, of course I'm not 100% sure about this misery but I'm trying to explain it anyway.
In my opinion the German public doesn't really have a deeper interest in movies. What suits them is the newest dreck from Hollywood or the weekly Krimi on Sunday evening. German television (and I'm looking both at the goverment funded channels like ARD or ZDF and the private funded channels like RTL) literally melted the German awareness of cinema for the last 25 years or so.

Just take a look at this intro for the Phantastic Film screening on the ZDF from the 70s to the 80s: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQyoiFknPrw
This avant-garde was once possible in the German television.

Somewhere between 1985 to somewhere during the 90s the German channels found a way to fuck things up. The love for experimentation, the love for Cinema and the medium television itself with its accomplishment to combine mass entertainment with avant-garde was replaced by mere greed for profit. Private channels flooded the German television with bullshit and the goverment funded channels suddenly saw the need for competing against them in market reach and startet to weaken its program themselves. The German television nowadays is only a mere shadow of its glory past with only a few highlights here and there.

Now, this is what I had to write about the German television, now to the German cinema:
the reason is rather simple I guess, people just don't know about these movies and most of the people, frankly speaking, don't care. They are satisfied with the newest crap from Hollywood and whatever lame movie ARD shovels them down the throat every Sunday. Now take this in consideration with the situation I described above: a television system that managed to screw up the taste for interesting cinema and the medium film itself, a German public that doesn't really has a deeper rooted love for film like the French for instance and a German intellectual elite who are running most of the film archives in Germany who think that only Silent Era Fritz Lang movies are important artefacts of German culture lead to the point that most of the German movie output is simply forgotten.

Of course there are a few fans in Germany who have a passion for these neglected movies, writing about them, trying to release them on DVD (and fortunately sometimes succeeding in it) but overall we're in a sad state at the moment.

"Verfluchte Liebe Deutscher Film"
I missed it, too or ... lets say I thought it would be put on the arte website but nope, it was just the TV screening :unsure:
Fortunately the German DVD/Bluray label Subkultur Entertainment is going to release the full documentary as a single release sometime in the future.

Klaus Lemke seems to be a unique, there are some controversies to the things he is saying and sometimes it can get annoying but non the less he definitely has his place in the German Cinema.
Unfortunately I don't have a copy of Brandstifter, if ANYONE has, please let me know, too :D
This seems to be a general problem with Lemkes movies: they are not really available, most of his newer stuff for instance gets aired on the German television somewhere in the night once and then it's gone in the archives.

HK/Thai SNAKE QUEEN movie?
Nice gesture jinfernal.
And I'm really looking forward to your report Sweeney Todd, maybe you can find something out? Thanks for letting us know :)

Oh and just for the record: screw Facebook. Instead of creating a group there you all should revive cinehound, as you can see there are always some members still browsing through the board ;)