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"Onar Films" lives again
Any news?

Unidentified Hong Kong DVDs - Any help?
This is the same cover as the one above, isn't it? I already posted the imdb link, it is a Japanese movie (probably a HK DVD).


Buying Taiwanese-VHS?
Oct 11 2015, 01:14 PM
I think you are probably 15years to late with looking for an online shop that sells tapes.
even second hand places like ebay etc hardly have ex-rentals from any country for sale.

if you want tapes from taiwan, you should try to get in contact with a video collector in taiwan, or somebody that can look for tapes in the streets of taiwan for you.

I wont expect anything to pop-up that easy .... only video collectors see the value of (some) tapes ..... the rest of the world has forgotten about tapes a long long time ago.
Thanks for your answer.
I guess you're right, expecting something like VHS to pop-up at online stores is wishful thinking especially if someone is trying to buy Taiwanese tapes which is even more niche. Well, I'll keep my eyes open :)

Spaghetti Western Collection
Looks great, thanks again.
"Fäuste-Bohnen und Karate" is this an Spaghetti Western / Martial Arts hybrid?

Pre cert forum problem
Oct 6 2015, 03:02 PM
Some years ago I tried to register and I had no luck too, so I let it go.
Thanks for the answer.
Well, looks like they don't want any new members ... whatever time to go on with life :D

Spaghetti Western Collection
The black border with the golden logo looks quite nice, thanks for posting the pictures and congratulations for collecting the whole set.

Buying Taiwanese-VHS?
Hello community,
I'm currently a little bit confused where would you look for Taiwanese tapes? Taiwan has its own ebay site (ebay.com.tw) but I wasn't very successful using the site.

Are there other places where I should look?
Thanks in advance!


I've got Peacock King it is a Hong Kong DVD, interested?

[Selling|Trading] Emtec Movie Cube N200
Hello there,
I'm selling this piece of hardware:


Thanks to a very simple connexion, transform your USB flashdrives, hard disk drives or memory cards into real multimedia solutions and enjoy all your photos and videos in Full HD quality !


Multimedia player with high decoding capacity !

- Watch Full HD movies
Decode your videos in a high quality (resolution up to 1080p)
- Share your music, photos and videos very easily
Plug any storage device and share your multimedia files with family and friends
Access files stored on your network at distance
- Listen to Internet radios
Browse and access your favorite stations thanks to your Lan or WiFi connection

Very discreet thanks to its small size, the Movie Cube N200 will also seduce you with its sober
and uncluttered design.
Technical specifications File system FAT32 - NTFS
External storage supported

Hard Disk Drives
USB Flashdrives
USB host port 2
Media cards supported

Supported audio formats MP3 - WMA - OGG - WAV - FLAC
Supported video formats AVI - VOB - ISO - MKV - MOV - MP4 - MPG - TS - WMV - DAT - IFO - RM - RMVB
Video codecs MPEG1 - HD MPEG2(up to MP@HL 1080i) - HD MPEG4 SP/ASP (720p/1080i/1080p) - Xvid - WMV9 - H.264 BP@L3,MP@L4.1,HP@L4.1 RM/RMVB8/9/10 (up to 720@30P)
Audio codecs MP2/3 – WMA - OGG - PCM - LPCM - RA
Product dimensions 47x110x142 mm
Weight 0.378 kg
Package content N200 player - Remote control with batteries - RCA A/V cable - Scart adapter - AC/DC adapter - Quick installation guide - CD (with user manuals)
EMTEC Product code and description Product code Product description
EKLTVN200 Movie Cube N200

Well this is...something.
Open for any offer! (even trading for movies!).


Pre cert forum problem
Hm still no response.
May somebody be so kind and ask in their forum what's the reason for this?
Don't they want any new users? Quite strange :o