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Your favourite Shaw Brothers - movies
This thread is starting to be very good, thank you very much@Takuma|bdc|bubikoglu
Now I know which movies I'm going to buy next.

Greetings okerlo

Your favourite Shaw Brothers - movies
Nov 9 2013, 08:29 PM
Depends on what genres you like,the Shaws made films in every genre.

That's a good point.
To be honest I enjoy every kind of genre, which makes the search a little bit ... confusing
I especially like the martial-arts movies but I also loved Lost Souls (1980) by Tun Fei Mou

Thanks for your comment, I'll note these movies.

Greetings okerlo

Your favourite Shaw Brothers - movies
Hey there community!
Maybe it's just me or the search-engine doesn't work, therefore I decided to create this thread.
I know that there are more than two or three Top10-lists about this topic out there in the WWW, but I wanted to know what the cinehound-community thinks!

As I already wrote in my introduction I'm currently getting into Shaw Brothers - movies and due to the massive amount of movies they produced I don't really know where to start. Which Shaw Brothers - productions are, in your opinion, essential for someone who is just starting?

Thanks in advance!
Greetings okerlo

ps: if there's already a thread like this I apologize and will look into the old thread

Introducing Yourself !
Hey there Cinehound-community!
Thanks a lot to the admin for activating my account so fast. I'm glad that I found this forum, it looks like it's really the kind of forum I was looking for. Movie-wise I'm at the beginning of an exciting, never-ending journey, there are many films I have yet to see. If I would have to summarize my experience with movies from all over the world, I would use the internet-slang word "noob".
Currently I'm getting into Martial-Arts movies, especially the Golden Harvest-/Shaw Brothers Productions.

My collection is pretty small, especially compared to the ones you have, I don't even have a working VHS-Player right now. In the past I used to use torrent-sites for downloading rare and obscure movies, although I was kinda glad to finally watch some of them I realized somewhat quickly that "dead" bits and bytes are not pleasing me. Therefore I ordered my first two VCDs from Thailand and it was such an amazing feeling to open the package and see that I'm finally owner of two obscure and somewhat rare movies. Well, this is my short-story of how I've got into collecting movies.

I'm sure that I'm not able to contribute that much to the community, I'll be more like the New One asking stupid questions :D

See you in the forum and I wish you a great weekend!

Greetings okerlo

ps: Don't judge my English-skills, English is not my mother tongue haha