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Buying used movies - Where are they?
Hey there,
I recently had a few movies on my list that I would like to own, sadly the DVDs are oop for many years now.
In the age of the internet you might say that this is no problem but I have a hard time finding people who sell (used) DVDs at all. Sure, there is amazon, ebay and of course the cinehound marketplace, but what else? I'm especially looking at the USA here, aren't there any internet boards with a marketplace and a strong American userbase?
On ebay they are often asking for crazy prices, yeah yeah I know, I want a DVD that is oop for almost a decade now but >150$? I thought that the cool people are all watching their stuff via netflix nowadays and throw the DVDs into the trash bin :D

So, where do you look for used movies?

Thanks in advance!

Fan Project of To Burn The Sun
wow, you're pretty fast with your fan projects, respect :)
I wish I had the money, oh well, I'm sure you'll sell them in no time.