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Krai Thong VCD vs. DVD
Hello community,
I just watched Krai Thong, that Thai movie about crocodile wizards and crocodile kings and stuff.
(ไกรทอง, 1980)

The movie was quite good and I knew that there is a second part out there, so I visited some Thai online-shops to see if they've got the movie I'm looking for. But I found something different of interest:

A Krai Thong (1980) DVD release. How does this one compares to the VCD release? I've only got the VCD and it would be interesting to know if the DVD version is better in terms of picture quality etc.

Thanks in advance for your answers,


Your favourite Shaw Brothers - movies
Ha I almost forget this thread, but yesterday I finally ordered Men from the Gutter and Black Magic 1 both as HK-DVDs so thank you very much for you recommendations!

This thread definitely deserves a push.


Where to get OOP VCDs
Hello community,
I'm getting back into buying movies and yesterday I searched for some VCDs from Hong Kong. First I looked what DDDHouse can offer, because according to this thread the shop is assumed to be one the best for HK stuff. Although I did an order yesterday (I'm curious how their service is) there were plenty VCD in their catalog which weren't available anymore.

So I took a look at various other shops but none of them had the VCDs/DVDs. My question now is, how do you get VCDs/DVDs which are out of print and not offered by any "mainstream" shops? Is there an auction house for these kind of things or an forum maybe?

I hope you can help me,
thanks in advance