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"Onar Films" lives again
Just a quick question about Onar Films, were the discs burned dvd-rs or pressed discs?

new fanzine PUFFY
Jack J
May 28 2016, 09:31 AM
May 16 2016, 11:13 PM
May 16 2016, 08:40 PM
Sure thing Jack!
I´ve sent a pm now, late but in time as i still have 2 puffy copies left (or maybe just the one for you, actually).
I remember your zines, Stay Sick and Banned in Britain, right? Great that you´re doing a new one, those were really nice and like you said, we need some proper paperreading!

I advertised Puffy on FB, uploaded pictures and said a few words. :hello!:

Like Member-X I advertised your zine on fb as well. Just, instead of pix I posted a YT video. :hi:


It looks nice, what a bummer I can't read it but congratulations Magnus for putting something like that together.

Your video is unlisted Jack, do you want to keep it that way? I check out your channel almost daily (don't have a youtube account so I can't subscribe to you) and the new one isn't listed as a new upload.

Nice, thank you for posting!
I'm considering buying a copy. Maybe in the next few days :unsure:

10 years of Cinehound!
May 27 2016, 05:38 PM
Yes, 10 years have passed...I don't know if I'm happy or a bit sad. I mean, the glory days are past.
I'm late to the game, at this point there is probably no point for me to even think about collecting VHS.
Movies in general are a quite new hobby to me and I'm glad that there are so many hard working people out there putting interesting movies on DVD and Bluray for acceptable prices.

Besides ... 10 years ... while I can discover so much new stuff on the forum and in the movie world in general, most of you probably discussed about these movies day in, day out when the first internet forums started to pop up a decade ago. I guess after all that time people have grown tired and want to spend their time elsewhere.

But still: I like this forum although its heydays are long over and I never experienced them. There are still some active people, knowledgeable people, people with passion who check on an old club they used to frequent back in the day.
I would find it sad and a loss if someday the community would say "screw it, all of the people are on twitter/facebook/RandomHipSocialMediaSite lets dump this place and go where the cool kids are".

This site has a history, this site has a community, this site is full of knowledge, this site is dedicated to Bill "Onar Films" Barounis, don't be sad miltos, be happy that you provided us this place where people with similar interest could meet, talk and make new friends. Be happy that these people appreciated this sense of community and your efforts for the last 10 years and will continue to do so.

10 years of Cinehound!
10 years is a lot of time in the internet age so big congratulations on everyone involved keeping this community alive.

HK rare lds collection
Man they look really nice, I definitely need to get a LD-Player someday.

Japanese vhs tapes for sale
Is this one still available?