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Starting to get into VHS
Hello Cinehound-Community,
alright, time to confess I guess, I want to get into VHS but I have no clue where to start so I thought I should start this thread so that you can answer my beginner questions.

Of course I used VHS back in the day but I was quite young back then and it was more like: "Tape into the VHS-Player and there is the movie, time to watch." I never seriously thought about these things. Now several years later I'm already buying DVDs, Blurays and VCDs, rejecting digital downloads of movies so the next step should be getting into VHS. Also I'm starting to love the format itself, the cool covers, putting the tape into the player, it is just a satisfying feeling

I'm living in Germany so there are TONS of movies only available on VHS to buy and the community is big, too I guess.

My questions:

  • Which VHS player are considered as good models? Any specific brands or models that I should look for?
  • How can I make sure that I can play videos from any region? Can NTSC become a problem?
  • What is important when I buy a VHS? Anything I should be aware of?
  • How should I store the tapes?
  • Anything else you would recommend someone who is just getting into VHS?

Thank you very much in advance!

Your favourite Shaw Brothers - movies
I just watched "Men from the Gutter" and I really liked that one, thank you for your recommendation.
Next one on my to-watch-list is "Black Magic 1", I bought the IVL / Celestial - DVD of it.
Speaking of "Men from the Gutter", which other movies made by Lam Nai-Choi, besides of Story of Ricky, can you recommend?

Ok, this is a little bit more widespread than only Shaw Brothers productions but lets don't get too picky here. To remind you which movies he made, here is the hkmdb link.


Your latest VCD purchaces
I just got my first VCD from Hong Kong and boy I really like the way it is designed.

Magic Of Spell (Fortune Star)

Maybe I'll watch the movie tonight, this is gonna be great.

Where to get OOP VCDs
Thank you for your answers!
The VCDs I want to buy are nothing too fancy, just some movies which catched my eye on HKMB because I liked the actor/actress in another movie. Currently I'm searching on DDDhouse and YesAsia, former has some movies in stock that the latter doesn't have and vice versa.

So thank you for the tip, if I'll find something interesting that is not available on DDDhouse or YesAsia I'll take a look at ebay.com