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[Trade] Emtec N200 Multimediabridge
Hello there,
I just cleaned up my room and found the Emtec N200 (movie Cube), you can hook it up to your TV and play all kinds of stuff via USB, or you could connect your PC directly to the movie cube (I have the necessary cable, I could put it into the package if you want).
I have no use for it anymore so I would like to trade it formovie stuff VCD/DVD/Bluray/Books/Magazines no VHS at this point, sorry.
It was quite expensive back in the day but don't hesitate for making any offers, I'm really not asking for much.

WOOF! the Magazine
One year has passed, is this zine still alive? :(

ATTENTION Photobucket-Users
Jack J
Jul 8 2017, 10:42 AM
One option is to just post the links to the pictures on Photobucket. We'll just have to click the links to see the pix instead of their being visible here.
I don't know, the photobucket website is horrible to use, it loads slowly, advertisement pops up, hell no. Just use imgur for now, and you can even embedded them in your posts like you used to do.

ATTENTION Photobucket-Users
Everything is gone :(

Posted Image

ATTENTION Photobucket-Users
No it doesn't :D This is what I see:

Posted Image

You can use imgur.com though, works nice (until they also decide to make the users pay)

ATTENTION Photobucket-Users
Hello there,
personally I'm not using Photobucket but I have seen that many of you do. You might find this horrifying news noteworthy:

Photobucket disabled 3rd party linking of your pictures! That means that you can't post your Photobucket pictures on any other site outside of photobucket anymore. If you want to you have to pay freaking 39,99$ a month.
From the site:

My account has been restricted due to 3rd party hosting. Are my photos safe?

Don't worry, your photos are safe! Even though 3rd party hosting features have been disabled, you can always access your photos by logging into your account.

To upgrade your account or view our competitive subscription plans [...]

If you have any important pictures I would download them, apparently there is a one-click-solution for that so that you don't have to click every single picture.
And there goes another imagehost...

Congrats Jack!
The Blutiger Freitag set is pure awesomeness, I think in home media it doesn't get better than this.
I don't even know that ROland Klick set though, looks like a good collection.