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[Suggestion] Darker theme
Hello Cinehound-Community,
I think that the bright white forum theme we currently have is quite ok but when you're reading a little bit longer threads or you are surfing the forum in the night it can be quite annoying to the eyes.
I would suggest a more darker alternative, maybe grey or even black, something more gentle to the eyes.

Of course we should keep the current theme but it would be nice if the user could decide between a bright one and a darker one.


Happy Birthday!
Oh yeah, I guess many user didn't see the thread.
Happy (belated) birthday Operazione Bianchi you should grant yourself some new movies ;) :D

Asian DVD/VCD stores
Currently in the process of buying something from DDDHouse. I might want to add that the site is really slow and a pain to browse :D

"Onar Films" lives again
I'm not a member of Facebook so I appreciate every news you guys smuggle to our forum :D
Lets assume the DVDs they want to release are ready ... where should I buy them? I would like to support them and of course I want to see the movies.

Pruimenbloesem (1982) - DVD question
Aug 24 2015, 07:32 PM
There are in fact 2 dvd releases. The first had a slipcover and came with a book (in Dutch) from the director. However, the content of the discs itself are identical as far as I know (even if the artwork is slightly different). The book still seems to be available online but can't find the DVDs. There are no subtitles btw

When the DVD was re-released, another Dutch porn Lustvulkaantjes was also released. I used to see these dvds everywhere in Belgium, even in mainstream stores like Mediamarkt. And they were never in the porn section

But that was years ago, haven't seen them lately. Shameless plug: I might have Pruimenbloesem and Lustvulkaantjes for sale since I once bought an entire porn collection from a friend. However, I sold almost everything, not sure if these are still available. I have my own DVDs but not selling those.

I can check in the weekend. But just search google I guess to see if there are still some online shops that have them
Thanks for your answer! I guess I'll just dig through the world wide web, shouldn't be too hard to find a copy of the movie if it was available in all kinds of mainstream stores.
No subtitles? Well, I guess this is my chance to fresh up my nederlands skills :D

[Sell] Blurays/dvds/vcds
Alright guys, I added some new movies and decided to go swap only. I like the spirit of giving movies and taking movies without money being involved.


Asian DVD/VCD stores
Good idea.

Hong Kong
Probably THE HK store to go for. Good assortment of VCDs, DVDs and Blurays. Sometimes sales.

[Sell] Blurays/dvds/vcds
Hello there,
the country I wrote behind the title of movie does not show its country of production but the country where the Bluray/DVD/VCD comes from. Interesting for those who need to look at the region codes.

I'm currently selling the following titles:

Frankenhooker [UK | Arrow Video]
The Beast within [UK | Arrow Video]
Batman Begins [Ger | Warner (Premium Collection)]
The Dark Knight [Ger | Warner (Premium Collection)]
Space Jam [Ger | Warner]
1968 Tunnel Rats [Ger | Splendid (Special Edition)]
Scott Pilgrim vs. the rest of the world [USA | Universal (Level Up! Collector's Edition)]

Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack [Ger | Splendid (Millennium-Edition)}
Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus [Ger | Splendid (Millennium-Edition)]
Godzilla - Tokyo SOS [Ger | Splendid (Millennium-Edition)]

Pruimenbloesem (1982) - DVD question
Hey there,
due to the current Woof! magazine I'm interested in watching the erotic movie Pruimenbloesem by Willem van Batenburg from the early 1980s.
I found out that there even is an Dutch DVD release of it: http://www.moviescene.nl/p/61469/pruimenbloesem_-_dvd_recensie

Does anyone own this DVD? How is it? And maybe even more important: where can I get this DVD? I don't know any Dutch online shops. maybe I could even drive to the Netherlands but an online store would be easier.

Thanks in advance


Unidentified Hong Kong DVDs - Any help?
First one: Copycat Killer (2002)
Third one: Pulse (2001)

No idea about the second one though.

Asian Horror VCD / DVD
I've got Black Magic from the Shaw Brothers Studios on Hong Kong DVD.
Would you be interested in this one?

Lo straniero di silenzio / Silent Stranger/ Stranger in Japan
Sounds interesting, keep us informed!

Complete"Halloween" Laserdisc Collection
Impressive collection, it sure is a different way of collecting movies, it sure is interesting to look at.
Thanks for showing!