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Tokyo, places to go?
Nice find, but the tapes look so sunfaded, don't they? :unsure:

Giallo A Venezia (1979)
Read about this on a different forum, apparently this is some rare giallo movie with only some lame copy floating around the internet or something. Now a trailer was uploaded to youtube and it looks like the German label x-rated is behind it:


What do you think? Are you excited? Oh yeah: there never was a German dub for this movie, the dub you see in the trailer is a new one.
Anyone has more information on this?

Remake, Remix, Rip-Off
I really liked it, at one point one of the directors they interviewed says:

Every movie needs to have a message now, back in the days nobody cared about something like that. They asked: 'how many fights does the movie have?' A movie had to have at least five fights.


Congratulations for the 10 years anniversary.
Ten years is a long time considering how fast-lived everything has become. Everyone is spitting out their thoughts without consideration on twitter and/or facebook or whatever is cool at the moment and as fast as they posted it as fast does it go down the gutter, no room for discussions or archiving information.

So living dead corpses, lets hold our Cinehound flag pride and shining, we won't go down :cheers: