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Aug 30 2016, 09:49 AM
How about for ex. Chinese cheapo BD drives, do they all have DRM support? They (The Chinese) don't always follow the rules. ^_^
No the DRM is on the disc, in the drive and in the player. A drive simply provides data to a software player when asked. At most, the drive could not implement player revocation (i.e. keep talking to hacked players) or give data to non-official players (several old drives were hacked, e.g. I have flashed my LG drive with such a firmware). But this doesn't really help with playback for which a decryption key is needed. This key is only available in official licensed players. If drive would be made on purpose to circumvent some of the DRM features, it would be blacklisted by all official players and you would not be able to use it
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