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my excuses ..... I read the runtime wrong on the vlc player ... :(
runtime is allmost the same, I compared the 2 versions, and there are a few differences, but nothing dramatical.
the betamax is the same as the vcd I can imagen.
the betamax doesnt has some of the "erotic" and some of the gore scene's.

this is not on the dvd ....
19:05 / +/- 40sec Murin wakes up in the wich doctors cabin and his disorientated. the wich doctor is cooking something, he sees murin woke up something and walks towards her.
29:45 / +/- 30sec Before the shot of the flower. Murin is looking at her mothers burned house.
32:37 / +/- 10sec After the bee killing, the mother is law is serving the food, than the man comes in the dining room
39:28 / +/- 37sec the wich doctor walks through the woods and arrives at his cabin. he looks through the window at murin.
46:33 / +/- 1:40sec Murins brother arrives at the village and asks some random villagers were the mosk is
01:1:50 / +/- 30sec Villagers are repairing the mosk
01:08:57 / +/- 12sec man praying scene is longer
01:10:38 / +/- 18sec man entering mosk
01:29:44 / +/- 1:10sec end is extended, all people come out of the mosk and escort murins brother who is holding murins body in his arms and they all walk towards the woods.

so an extra +/- 05:47 minutes ..... but nothing that really influences the story.

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