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The details mentioned above are unique to the Bahasa Indonesia version of the film. Comparable to Mystics in Bali, they made different edits for domestic release and international release.

In case of "Ratu ilmu hitam", the Indonesian version has several additional dialogue or character development scenes, also an extended ending (as detailed in shootgringoshoot's post).

The domestic version is censored in that it replaces a few scenes of "erotic" footage with shots of snakes and other animals. It also cuts away from the goriest bits considerably earlier. The shots ARE there, but shorter, no close-ups, you get the idea.

The Belgian Variety VHS is clearly based on the international, English language edit (same as the MM DVD). I remember it to have ADDITIONAL cuts, which means further dialogue/character development was left out, probably to save on tape. The gore and splatter is all there.
I'm not sure if it has any additional bits when compared to the MM (can't rule it out either). But definitely not the longer scenes from the Bahasa Indonesia edit.

Still, it's a great tape to own! :)
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