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Spanish tape of the Suzzanna movie


1982 :: Legend :: 97 minutes

Producer: Sabirin Kasdani
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer: I Sukardjasman, RA Kosasih
Cast: Suzanna, Baun Gazali, Ratno Timoer, Ryan Hidayat, Clift Sangra
Language Bahasa

Too lazy to pick up her sewing kit, Dayang Sumbi swears an oath: whoever helps her pick up her sewing kit, will be made her husband. Lengser, a kingdom officer, picks it up for her. Sumbiís father, the playboy, King Prabangkara, is furious when he hears that Sumbi is pregnant. The king puts a curse on Lengser and he turns into a dog. Sumbi is banished to the forest. Jaka Sona is born. The boy is always accompanied by Tumang the dog, whom he doesnít recognise as his own father. When Sumbi requests for a deerís heart, Jaka starts to look for it and is upset when he cannot find any deer. He starts to intimidate the dog and the arrow is accidentally shot. Tumang dies and transforms back to a man. Jaka takes out his heart and gives it to Sumbi. When she finds out that Tumang is dead, Sumbi is furious and banishes Jaka. The boy later resides in a cave. There, he listens to a magical voice, meditates for nine years, receives supernatural power and becomes Sangkuriang. He descends from the mountain to help the people who are oppressed by Prabangkara, his grandfather. He can only find his motherís grave. Sangkuriang fights the king and his soldiers, and later meets Larasati, resembles Sumbi. They fall in love. But then Larasati aka Sumbi, who is in disguise in order to hide from her father, finally recognises Sangkuriang as her son from a scar on his head. Sumbi reveals herself as his mother. Sangkuriang doesnít believe her, especially when she refuses to reveal the name of his father. When Sangkuriang keeps insisting on marrying her, Sumbi agrees on several conditions: Sangkuriang has to block the Citarum river, build her a pond and also a boat. All her conditions are met. He even has to fight Prabangkara throughout until the king is dead. Sumbiís plan fails. Sangkuriang keeps insisting on marrying her. When he tries to kiss Sumbi, she turns into a flower. Sangkuriang is remorseful. He kicks away the finished boat and it becomes the mountain of Tangkuban Perahu.

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I compared the spanish vhs with the indonesian vcd.
the vcd has a runtime of 89:07min, the vhs runs 94:39min
I made some random screenshots to compare the image quality of the 2 versions.
the vhs has clearer colors also the ratio is "more" 16:9.
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the vhs contains a scene that is not on the vcd, starts 57:16 / ends 1:01:58.
on the vcd the scene starts on cd2 10:52
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