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I compared the vcd with the laserdisc.

these are random screenshots to compare the picture quality of both mediums.
the laserdisc has more color and the image is sharper / shows more details
Posted Image

more or less all nude or love scenes are not on the vcd.
also a few short blood scenes were not on the vcd.

the nude scenes with suzzanna are most likely not with suzzanna but with a stand-in.
all scenes were is suggested too see suzzanna naked, you can see tits, but not suzzanna's face, or only the back of her head.

the "time" I mentioned is based on the runtime of the vcd.

VCD disc 1
04:50 / +/- 0:12min
Crocodile hunter pisses on the head of the father of the crocodile queen
Posted Image

06:25 / +/- 0:10min
Crocodile eats corps of the father and mother of crocodile queen
Posted Image

10:44 / +/- 0:24min
Crocodile queens servants report to their queen that somebody is killing crocodiles
Posted Image

12:37 / +/- 0:44min
Queens servants with transparent bikini's
Posted Image

12:45 / +/- 1:00min
Couple having sex
Posted Image

14:50 / +/- 4:34min
Suzzanna is having sex with the goofy son of her lover, a few times we see some stand-in tits
Posted Image

20:55 / +/- 2:56min
Suzzanna is having sex with her lover .... scene before she was doing it with the guys son! we see more stand-in tits
Posted Image

VCD disc 2

03:14 / +/- 0:20min
Crocodile rips of leg and eats it
Posted Image

20:50 / +/- 0:07min
Small crocodile digs into belly of girl (more detailed than on vcd)
Posted Image

21:49 / +/- 2:39min
Silly song!
Posted Image

23:55 / +/- 0:43min
Queens servants. very short shots are cut. more or less every time the girls are in the screen.
Posted Image

29:29 / +/- 3:35min
Crocodile queen has sex with the boyfriend of the crocodiles hunter daughter, and the daughter is being tortured
Posted Image

29:47 / +/- 0:24
Crocodile hunter is calling for the crocodile queen .... she has to leave the sex scene, and her cave starts to collaps
Posted Image
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