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I made a compare of the indonesian movie Samsan and Delilah.

thank you Kurt for giving me a dvdr of the Korean vhs.

these 3 version I compared with each other:

French DVD
French / PAL / Widescreen
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Korean VHS (dvdr copy)
English language / NTSC / Fullscreen
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Malaysian VCD
Bahasa / PAL / Fullscreen
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some random screenshots to compare the image quality of the 3 versions
Posted Image

the dvd is clearly the better version. the image is not cropped, sharp, a bit dark, but for this rare movie, a real joy, also has the longest runtime.
the vhs has the lowest image quality .... but an english audio track......runtime is shorter as the dvd.
the vcd has brighter colors. there are some "night and indore" scene that are very dark on the dvd, and much clearer on the vcd, has the shortest runtime, but has 1 scene that is not on the dvd or the vhs.

the vcd is dubed in bahasa, the funny thing is that many of the dialogs between delilah and her father are partly in dutch,
this is ofcours because they play dutch occupiers.

a great fan project could be made when the audio of the vhs would put under the french dvd.

Samson dan Delilah
year: 1987
runtime: 93 minutes
Producer: Ram Soraya
Director: Sisworo Gautama Putra
Writer: Naryono Prayitno, Tim Soraya Film
Cast: Paul Hay, Suzanna, Eddy Gunawan, Melisa Husein, Corbi
Main language Bahasa


A retelling of the Samson and Delilah story, Paiman is a child conceived when a Dutch colonial raped his mother in Java. So Paiman has fair skin and blond hair. He is also an undefeated champion fighter, who is arrested when Delilah, a daughter of a colonial resident, tricks him. Shortly before the execution is carried out, Delilah starts to love Paiman, of whom she calls by the name, Samson. By using his recovered supernatural power, Samson demolishes the courthouse and kills every colonial, except Delilah.

the cuts are based on the runtime of the french dvd

03:37 - this scene is ONLY on the vcd. after the prayer samson has an extra work-out scene
Posted Image

04:33 - the rape scene of samsons mother is not on the vcd

09:49 - samsons flasback has a blue filter over it on the dvd and the vhs version, on the vcd the colors stay normal

+/- 35:00 - while samsons friend is beying beaten by the cyclops and his hoodlums. we see the cyclops in a short cut. this is only on the vcd.
Posted Image

35:34 - when samson throws the spike shield to the cyclops, the cyclops is cut in half. this scene is only on the dvd.
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47:40 - the shaman grabs the heart out of the lieutenants chest. he holds the heart infront of the lieutenant before he drobs dead. the full scene is only on the dvd, the version on the vhs is also cut.
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55:34 - samson is in a battle when an evil spirit, he cuts his body in 2, now he has to fight the legs only. this scene is in both dvd and vcd
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62:05 - during the love scene delilah is sucking a banana! this scene is only on the dvd. the love scene is completely cut from the vcd
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79:00 - samson eyes are stabbed out by the lieutenant, and he is trown in jail. a friend of samson comes to visit him during the night to give him hes eyes back! with help of some voodoo power the his eyes in her tits. when samson pushes his face against her tits he will get his eye-sight back! this scene is not on the vcd.
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