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Hello there,
personally I'm not using Photobucket but I have seen that many of you do. You might find this horrifying news noteworthy:

Photobucket disabled 3rd party linking of your pictures! That means that you can't post your Photobucket pictures on any other site outside of photobucket anymore. If you want to you have to pay freaking 39,99$ a month.
From the site:

My account has been restricted due to 3rd party hosting. Are my photos safe?

Don't worry, your photos are safe! Even though 3rd party hosting features have been disabled, you can always access your photos by logging into your account.

To upgrade your account or view our competitive subscription plans [...]

If you have any important pictures I would download them, apparently there is a one-click-solution for that so that you don't have to click every single picture.
And there goes another imagehost...
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