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Viewing Single Post From: island of death (Mykonos)
cannibal man
Superstar Member
Aug 22 2009, 06:40 PM
The Spanish ISLAND OF DEATH is a really good horror film with the clever and scary idea of killer kids. WOULD YOU KILL A CHILD? is an alternative title...

As about Mastorakis' film an alternative title is ISLAND OF PERVERSION. In fact Mykonos was really an island of crazy life of high society, nudist beaches, many gay bars, travesties and homosexuals who don't be affraid to kiss each other in public. In the glory days a lot of happenings and crazy parties took place! (Now things are not really the same and Mykonos has lost a lot of that "shine" - but still a lovely place :D )

So I think Mastorakis wanted to do a sick film with everything included - perversion & murders - and chose this island because of its fame...

I agree, a very well-made sick flick indeed! By the way the couple in the film are brother & sister and this make the situation more bizarre.

I saw a Mastorakis' interview on Greek TV (part of a long documentary about his film career) and he said that he tried to put "everything" into this film but he would never try this thing again - it was clear that he tried to avoid a lot of talks about it...

The most sick scenes are the rape of the lamb and the piss on Jessica Dublin's face!

what do u mean militos he tried to put everything into the film.
do u mean he wanted to put more scenes in but he did not mate.

has mykonos being badly affected because island of death was shot there.
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