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Ninja Dixon
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Some of you might have bought, or planning to buy, DVDs from Mr. Nausod Mohamed in South Africa, owner (?) of the company Global Video. He's selling bootlegs of other peoples movies, and because I wanted to check out his print of Thunder of Gigantic Serpent (to maybe use it as a source for my upcoming, legal, DVD) I had to buy 10 damn DVDs to get that one. So I did that. Payed him the money. And waited. And waited. Three times I contacted him about sending me the discs, but nothing. Now, one year later I decided to make a complaint to the police in his town - not demanding the money back, but telling them about his bootleg-business and how he sells stuff and fools idiots like me of their money.

He got furious. Lots of "fuck you" and "fuck off" in the emails that followed. He started to talk about the amazing Bobby A. Suarez, who was a victim of his bootlegging once and had these words to say about the late Mr Suarez:

"i told booby that he's movies are all shit and dont sell thats why h got pissed.
thats a fact they are slow grade shit and i will tell him that again. ‎good he is dead as he was talking shit anyway".

I think those word says a lot about Mr Mohamed. He's not in it because he likes the movies, he wants to earn some quick cash on movies he don't own the rights to distribute on DVD. He slandered one of our more beloved cult directors and of course I feel upset because of this.

He sometimes have a lot of rare movies, but remember - he's not the owner of the rights and just do it to get some money. It means nothing to him. Don't give him more money. He's not worth it.
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