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Jack J
May 4 2012, 02:11 AM
May 2 2012, 03:26 PM
BTW, was that you (or someone else?) who, many moons ago, was looking for "Calamity of Snake" and "The Snake Girl" on Ocean Shores VCD? (I cannot use the search function at the mo, but I've seen it in an old post.) I think I've seen them on HK auctions not so long ago, though they are not my cup of tea...

Sorry, I missed your post two days ago. :wacko:

Yeah, that was probably me. I was looking for both those movies. I've already got other versions of them so I won't pay ridiculous prices though. Which auction site did you see it on? eBay?

PS: the search function is toast. You need to use Google search: Cinehound + "whatever you're searching"

> I've already got other versions of them so I won't pay ridiculous prices though.

Wise policy, I'd say :up:

"Calamity of Snake" was up for sale on Yahoo HK at HK$79 (+ HK$1 auction fee) until 21 March. No one bid, and it was one of those sellers who don't ship abroad...


"The Snake Girl" is still on sale from HK$95 (Instant Buy at HK$99) on Buystation.com.hk. Most of the VCDs on Buystation are from this seller. He/She has a lot of rare stuff, but I find his/her prices rather high :(

I believe Buystation accepts registration from anywhere in the world, and this seller ships abroad and accepts PayPal. Buystation's admin seems loose compared to Yahoo or eBay, so I treat this site as a mere message board.

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