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- Needles Of Death (W.123)
- Kung Fu Gang Busters (W.131)
- Challenge Of Young Bruce Lee (W.143)
- Invincible Super Chan (W.145)

the jaws of death W102
black gold dossier W106
emanuelle on taboo Island W107
professional killers W111
professional killers (assassin's quarry) W112
the gladiatore invicible W120
Gladiators Seven W121
outlaw cop W122
desperate mission W132
crimson bat - oichi: wanted, dead or alive W135
dragon dies hard W136
bruce against iron hand W142
visitor after dark W146

not readable:

image of bruce lee
judo showdown
watch out, crimson bat!
snake in the monkey's shadow
sticks of death
trapped, the crimson bat
Bruce Lee against Supermen
chase that man
crimson bat, the blind swordswoman
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