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I started too watch all mm dvd's only a short while ago.

the dvd's are allways full with great surprises. I try not too find any information about the movies before i watch them ...... the extra on the disks are very interesting and give you some very nice side information. i try too watch the extra after I watched the mean movie.

untill now I find the asian disks the most interesting ..... the spanish horror jess franco etc I found not so interesting .... propably these are the releases that were made too cover some costs for other project ........ too be very honest I dont understand why soo many people addore the jess francos movies ......

a mm disk that I also really liked was the belgium movie "crazy love". I remember that the movie played in the cinema ..... but i was too young too appriciate the movie ...also didnt understand it. the more I enjoyed in now!

I movie I would love too see released by mm would be -Golden Queens Commando- :wub:

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