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Here's a bit of a surprise; ENCOUNTERS OF THE SPOOKY KIND was ALSO released in the MADE IN HK vhs line!! It's not on the "complete" list of tapes I was given and I've never come across this tape before. And a google search doesn't turn up the cover anywhere!

Was this a tape that got pulled back or maybe just released in very few copies? Anyhoo, I've ordered it and it'll be interesting to see if the number is right after the current highest one or if there's numbers in-between (which would mean more tapes exist).

Btw, the sequel was released on the Eastern Heroes label!! Fullscreen and subtitled in English. There's still NO English friendly dvd release of it. There's a VCD which, if I remember correctly, is somewhat letterboxed. There's a great looking French dvd but sans English subs (there's a bootleg with English subs and fan subbed versions).

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