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I regularly go to flea markets in Belgium (and Holland) and often see VHS tapes being sold for peanuts. 99% is disney and mainstream crap but sometimes I actually see some movies that I own myself on DVD. However, I have no idea if the VHS versions are worth buying and making sure they receive a home with an actual VHS collector (I only collect DVD myself). I really hate seeing these tapes ending up in a trash bin when somewhere someone is actually looking for these things. Now of course if I would see something like a Mario Bava or spaghetti western tape (hasn't actually happened :)) I would not hesitate and buy it instantly. But what about 80s action stuff like Jackie Chan, Chuck Norris, Cynthia Rothrock, etc. (the things I see most often). Judging from the excellent condition these tapes are in I assume they are sell through and not rental versions.

Some examples of movies I saw this weekend:
Alley Cat (1984) [was actually a rental with photocopied cover]
Enemy Territory (1987)
Fist Fighter (1989)
Lipstick (1976)

Some stuff I took home in the past:
Posted Image

Is there some general rule to follow, what is interesting and what not? Seeing they practically give away these tapes for free, price is not an issue. However I don't want to take them home and then be stuck with them forever
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