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since I got the 2 indonesian laserdiscs, I kinda got fasinated by laserdiscs .... I dont have a palyer ..... but i am interested in a multi region player .... in switzerland a dont find any on the secondhand internet sites .... and buying the abroad will cost alott on postal costs ....... so if i dont find one here ..... it looks like i am going to buy one in holland.

I would like to collect spaghetti western that were released on laserdisc. saw that a few were released in japan and germany ..... the sergio leone movies are probably released in alott of countries.

if anybody has any spaghetties on laserdisc and wants to do them away, please led me know. also if you dont want to do tem away, i will still be interested in what releases you have. I can make an overview than of the titles that are available.

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