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Saw the Ocean Shores tape of Bruce Lee in New Guinea a while ago and it didn't have the naked bath scene, but there where another fully naked scene. So it's strange that they didn't had that one.

But I have one more question. Just saw The Lady Punisher yesterday, a truly awesome movie. But I was wondering about the 4-Bidden Asia release. I got that release and what I know it's a UK company that have released VHS through Holland just to get them uncut. So I wasn't that surprised when the tape in the box had a BBFC-symbol of 18 on it. But It was some really strange editing in the movie, editing you only see on Turkish movies otherwise. The running time was about 1h and 11 min. According to other sources it should be longer.
So to my questions:

Does all 4-Bidden Asia releases have a BBFC rating on the tape but not the box?

If anyone have The Lady Punisher, have they also noticed this?

Is there a UK and a Dutch release of The Lady Punisher?

How long should the movie bee?

Thankful for answers.
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