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Wow. Thanks Skatschko for the information. Excellent stuff.

The funny thing about Stavros Video Centre is that the old sign still looms above the entrance of the building. Its located in a suburb called Northcote (Melbourne). What's even funnier is that I used to go to an acting studio back in 2002/2003. My friend used to run that school with an industry director, and the studio they built (inside the building) was the same place that was once Stavros Video Centre. Back then I knew very little about Greek Exploitation or the whereabouts of all those tapes. I had no idea that I was coming to the one place that could have secured my fortunes had I'd taken an interest in those films a little earlier on. I have no idea what happened to Stavros Video Centre. I imagine all those tapes got distributed to other video stores and private collectors. Shame. They did provide a great service.

Many, if not most of the Greek VHS in Australia have no subtitles. Which sucks for me.

I recently watched an Italian version of To Nisi tis Amartias. That scene at the end when good old George S. is jumping up and down, beating his chest like a monkey has to be one of the funniest scenes in history. Anyway, i know this is a bit off topic, but at the start of this movie, the title sequence is a montage of several scenes that take place during the movie. In a couple of these short scenes is actual hardcore, but only, very briefly. But, to my mind, it is from the actual movie and not just some fake insert. Is this the same for the Greek version? Perhaps, this enquiry should be posted somewhere else.

Thanks again ...
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