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No no, relax boys. The Italian version watched by stratagakis is a video version without the hard-core inserts of the Italian original release (the latter was published on vhs by another label). The hard sequences (all of them) are inserts of Italian origin. Some of these inserts include the title-credits, and so the cut video version could not remove them too. In this opening insert is present a well known Italian porn actor. Other inserts come from a French-Italian porn movie already identified.

To Lars Jacobsson:
Yes of course, it's a Bergonzelli movie shot in Greece and directed byBergonzelli with the help of Greek director Soulis Georgiadis (Georgiadis spoke Italian, I think, because he had worked in Italy too). The film is a sort of "Topkapi" (a group of people try to steal a precious statue at the Delfi Museum). There is also a very intriguing sexy sequence, courtesy of Larry Daniels and Italian actress Karin Well...
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