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did you know that the guy who is behind some of the most legendary ''atakes'' of xxx scenarios of 80s is yorgos makris? http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1247284/ .And a lot of ''atakes'' from his scenarios are by legend attributed to gousgounis[in particular from the old time classic oi erastes tou aigaiou of well known today mainstream director stratos markidis],thus enhancing by fault his legend?makris as markidis and others[only eva koumarianou admits it :D ]have no reference and deny their past on their cv's. http://www.senariografoi.gr/script.php?l=g...tails&member=42 .as you can see he is also today among other ex president of boa for Ένωση Σεναριογράφων Ελλάδος :rolleyes: and well established movies partner! Did you know that videocassetes actor and xxx of greek 80s austrian herbert hofer http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0388679/ lives today in miami .fla as painter? http://herberthofer.com/. and of course nothing mentions about his past but only his friendship with robert de niro and fellini as friends on his site!. :lol: . Did you know that legendary 80s xxx kostas samaras http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1306423/ the greek ..john holmes :P had appeared in mid 90s on legendary greek cult tv program ''erotodikio''?and talked about backstages and anecdotes of how recruiting woman on porno and cult things happening on shootings? and also that on the phone was pavlos karanikolas talking about these with samaras and presenter maxalonakou?no video of this in my possesion[and almost impossible to find a rare copy of it] but it must be the most cult moment of greek tv since samaras was the most grotesque figure of xxx .later these characters-personallities became material of greek cult tv :rolleyes: .
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