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Complete list of video tapes from "Made in Hong Kong" (UK)

Someone in the UK was nice enough and made me what we believe is a complete list of vhs releases from "Made in Hong Kong". I have added info on format, dub/subs, and cut status.

MIHK also put out a handful of the films on laserdisc but I'm not sure how many.

Oh, and I guess I should try and say this gently to you so you don't go into a seizure: These tapes are sell-thru tapes. Not ex-rental. :lol:

If anybody has a list (complete or not) of releases from Eastern Heroes it would greatly appreciated if they'd post it or PM it to me. I'm not least interested in a list of their Dutch releases, and any info on cut status is always welcome. Cheers.

The (hopefully) complete list of "Made in Hong Kong" tapes (alphabetical order, for release order see the index number list below):
A Better Tomorrow 2
A Better Tomorrow 3
A Chinese Ghost Story
A Chinese Ghost Story II
A Moment Of Romance
Armour Of God
As Tears Go By
Black Cat
Blade of Fury
Blood Brothers
Buddhist Fist
Bullet In The Head
Burning Paradise
City On Fire
City War
Curry And Pepper
Days Of Being Wild
Dirty Ho
Drunken Master
Duel To The Death
Eastern Condors
Encounters of the Spooky Kind
Fist Of Legend
Five Venoms
Flaming Brothers
Full Contact
God Of Gamblers
God Of Gamblers III
Iceman Cometh
Invincible Shaolin
Last Hero in China
Mad Monkey Kung Fu
Moon Warriors
Mr Vampire II
Mr Vampire.
My Young Auntie
On The Run
Once A Thief
Once Upon A Time In China
Once Upon A Time In China II
Once Upon A Time In China III
Pedicab Driver
Police Story
Police Story 2
Prison On Fire
Prodigal Son
Project A
Project A 2
Rich And Famous
Saviour Of The Soul
Snake in the Eagle's Shadow
The Barefoot Kid
The Fate Of Lee Khan
The Flirting Scholar
The Heroic Trio
The Heroic Trio II
The Killer
The Magnificent Butcher
The Miracle Fighters
Tiger Cage 2
Tiger On The Beat
To Be Number One
To Live And Die In Tsim Sha Tsui
Tragic Hero
Treasure Hunter
Warriors Two
Wild Search
Wing Chun
Zu : Warriors Of The Magic Mountain

(obviously this list won't be complete until either I get the remaining tapes or some of you provide me with the numbers. Cheers)

Info in brackets: picture format, English dubbing/subtitles (newly created for the release or the original cinema subs), and censorship cuts.
HK001: Full Contact (lbx, new subs, cut: Use of a Butterfly Knife in several scenes)
HK002: The Killer (lbx, new subs) [reportedly also released dubbed, do any of you have the index number for the dubbed version?]
HK002B: The Killer - limited edition collectors' box set (lbx, new subs) [1]
HK003S: City on Fire (lbox, subs)
HK004: Bullet in the Head (lbx, new subs)
HK006: God Of Gamblers (lbx, theatrical subs, cut: The use of Butterfly Knife)
HK007: Saviour of the Soul (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK008: A Better Tomorrow 2 (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK009: The Barefoot Kid (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK010: Tiger on the Beat (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK011: Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (cropped, English dubbed, cut: Cat fighting a Snake)
HK012: Drunken Master (cropped, English dubbed)
HK013: Heroic Trio (letterbox, new subs, cut: Shot of a cannibal child urinating in fear)
HK014: The Heroic Trio II (lbx, subbed)
HK015: As Tears Go By (lbx, new subs, cut: Man hit with gas tank; blows with a baseball bat)
HK016: A Chinese Ghost Story (lbx, new subs)
HK017: A Better Tomorrow 3 (lbx, theatrical subs) [cinema version]
HK018: Moon Warriors (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK019: City War (lbx, new subs)
HK020: Five Venoms (lbx, dubbed)
HK021: Invincible Shaolin (lbx, English dubbed)
HK022: Mad Monkey Kung Fu (lbx, English dubbed, cut: Monkey being bashed against a tree)
HK023: Treasure Hunters (lbx, English dubbed)
HK024: Dirty Ho (lbx, English dubbed)
HK025: Shaolin Martial Arts (lbx, English dubbed)
HK026: Blood Brothers (lbx, English dubbed)
HK027: My Young Auntie (lbx, English dubbed)
HK028: A Moment Of Romance (lbx, new subs)
HK029: Curry And Pepper (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK030: Tiger Cage II (lbx, theatrical subs) [2]
HK031: God of Gamblers 3 (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK032: Blade of Fury (lbx, cut: horse falling down)
HK034: Once a Thief (lbx, new subs, cut: Shots of a card thrower being engulfed in flames)
HK035: Pedicab Driver (lbx, new subs, notice that this tape is fully uncut!)
HK036: Black Cat (lbx, new subs)
HK037: Wing Chun (lbx, theatrical Subs)
HK038: Last Hero in China (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK039: Encounters of the Spooky Kind (lbx, new subs)
HK040: Eastern Condors (lbx, new subs, cut 23 secords according to the BBFC site)
HK042: Rich And Famous (lbx, new subs)
HK043: Tragic Hero (lbx, new subs)
HK044: Burning Paradise (lbx, new subs)
HK045: Fist Of Legend (lbx, new subs)
HK046: Wild Search (lbx, new subs)
HK047: The Flirting Scholar (lbx, theatrical subs)
HK048: To Live And Die In Tsim Sha Tsui (lbx, new subs)
HK049: Mr. Vampire (lbx, new subs)
HK050: Zu Warriors Of THe Magic Mountain (lbx, new subs)
HK051: Iceman Cometh (lbx, new subs, cut: The rape of the woman in the gangster's car)
HK053: Warriors Two (lbx, new subs)
HK054: Prodigal Son (subtitled)
HK055: Police Story (subtitled)
HK055D: Police Story (dubbed)
HK056: Police Story 2 (subtitled)
HK057: Prison on Fire(lbx, new subs)
HK058: Flaming Brothers (lbx, new subs)
HK059: Once Upon A Time In China (lbx, new subs)
HK060: Once Upon A Time In China II (lbx, new subs)
HK064: The Magnificent Butcher (lbx, new subs)
HK067: Dreadnaught (lbx, new subs, cut: Chicken's head being ripped off)
HK068: On The Run (lbx, new subs) [fully uncut! All dvd versions are cut!!!!!]
HK071: The Fate Of Lee Khan (lbx, new subs)
HK072: Chinese Ghost Story II (lbx, new subs)
HK074: Mr. Vampire II (lbx, new subs, cut: Snake being gutted; lock-picking)
HK076: Knockabout (lbx, subbed)

[1] HK002B: The Killer - limited edition collectors' box set including five previously deleted scenes from the original Taiwan release + booklet with an introduction by John Woo containing complete John Woo and Chow Yun Fat biographies, full line notes and an exclusive selection of stills from the director's personal files.

[2] HK030: Tiger Cage II - the MIHK tape contains the original version of the film. An English dubbed VHS from Popular Progress (also UK) contains an alternative ending. The alternative version was also retitled Tiger Cage (at least in the UK).

Big thanks goes out to Bukowski (also once a member here) and Markgway of ADG forum.
And also thanks to everyone helping out in this thread.
And thanks to Nicolai (of uncut.dk forum).
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