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First time i came across this movie was a year ago, when accidentally i found its title at xploitedcinema. Feeling curious about the title island of death and about locations shot in Mykonos, I read some reviews and firstly decided don’t give it a shot…, but a week ago I watched it and realized that its reputation worths the price. Concerning a couple on travel through greek islands everything is good till the man, Christopher begins to act and talk like a mad man. No reason is given and we don’t understand why; as the girls who firstly seems alarmed by his behaviour but then (we don’t know why) begins too to act in the same way… Among the scenes of death, rape and murder, there is one in which the couple make love in a boot HAVING CALLED HIS MOTHER AND LETTING HER HEARING ALL GROUNTING AND SHOUTS…, ey, really bad taste…, later, he makes love with a lamb, damn, a lamb, cause the girl is not in the mood early in the morning…, then, he is obsessed with a man suposedly peering at his girl and then he kills him in a very unpleasant way…, All the movie is so…, from four minute till its end at 104, is a series of murders committed by no reason…, and the problem with this movie is the fact that is well done, well shot an edited and well acted.., and the way the players go into madness is so quick and usual that you don’t realize that they are killing and acting like jerks until you think “ey, these are the same couple of the beginning?”…, why they act like this?, are they mad?..., everything happens as it was always have been so…,
A movie that deserves its cult status and not dated…
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