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Jan 18 2015, 12:58 PM
So the limited version has less content than the regular version, i.e. no DVD? What's the point of that... Also English friendly DVDs and Bluray of The Fan has been in germany for years.

And releasing DVD-rs ? Argh. Just do a digital download then. Or at least make it clear from the cover that it's a DVD-R to prevent scam artists from selling them as OOP versions on ebay .

Release more stuff that is not available anywhere, like all those indonesian horrors! Oh well, at least that greek and latvia stuff seems interesting

Most fans are not interested in the DVD part of the combo pack, many just want the blu. So we do the BD-only version with the red case (cause those are more expensive, so we only do a limited amount), for those fans. In the future we are going to try and do more things to make these direct-sales versions more "special". Stay tuned.

The DVD-R thing is just to keep a few physical copies out there for fans who would still like to have a copy on their shelves, but don't want to pay the exorbitant prices some OOP titles are going for. They are only going to be sold on our website, and they will be clearly marked as what they are.

The German BD of THE FAN has only been out a few months, not years, and it only happened because of our tracking down the film and commissioning the new HD master. It's never had any release in the US, which is the market Mondo Macabro releases in, though we are glad to cater to our overseas friends!

Yes, we will continue, as we always have, to release stuff no one else is. But the problem with doing movies from places like Indonesia or Turkey is that they often do not have usable materials, or are asking for waaaaay to much money, or both!

Anything else? ;)
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