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Lars Jacobsson
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Aug 11 2013, 08:11 AM
Can anyone tell me more about the Res aldrig på enkel biljett mentioned in the "bleakness and despair" topic. The film sounds very interesting... Also is the Swedish DVD oop?

I watched it a couple of weeks back and wasn't that impressed i'm afraid. It's indeed a very bleak and weird film but also prententious (in the bad way) and muddled. The film feels like an half-digested idea and it's hard to know what to make of it. Still, I can easily imagine some people liking it much more than I did and it has one truly nightmarish standout scene (if you've seen you know which one i'm talking about). The DVD is indeed OOP. The transfer isn't great but probably the best we'll ever see and on the plus-side it has loads of extras and a whole extra DVD full of Alexandersson/De Geer shorts, all subtitled.

Wow, my first post in years. Facebook is starting to feel more and more shit so I figured it's time to move back to the forums.
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