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When I first entered on Cinehound it was a fun forum. Everything was about getting those elusive tapes and getting the Oooohw and Aaaawh's from everybody and after that the tsunami of PM's if you wanted to TRADE them.
Supergreat times!
I bought 1000's of tapes to have trade material. Sometimes even 4 of the same. Made some nice deals!
I was Always on Cinehound. It was the first page I visited and the last every day.
Now I won't say I am the diehard member because there were those long before me but I did know the oldstyle collecting.
But slowly the trading made place for money. And some people were willing to pay good for certain tapes and so it appears money made it appearance and some people made 1000's maybe even 10.000's euro's out of it.
Bought some tapes myself and saw it went on and on.
The forum(s) became a Marketplace......it scared off quite some people, especially those old time members. I had weeks off myself too because of being disgusted by all of it. But...as I was stuck with too much tapes I had no choice and with me more, to sell off some tapes. On ebay for 1 euro starting bid I got off a lot of tapes...people asked me if I stopped collecting. No, was my answer: I have too much tapes and noone wants to trade anymore!
Me too sold some tapes for nice prices and it appealed to more people to do the same and the hobby of collecting became more the hobby of selling and getting good prices. Noone talked about movies anymore only about prices and how much it is worth......it was the general demise of tapecollecting.
New collector's who never even saw a rental store from the inside saw all of this and jumped on the wagon to profit from it all and facebook was the key to that happiness because you could be quite anonymous on there and pretend to be collector. The worldwide appearance and the fact that everybody is always online makes it even easier to sell off tapes so even the last activity on the forums, which was the Marketplace, shifted to facebook.
The forums have died. All of them. Films, music, comics....everything! Money took over and facebook as well!

In the shoutbox Miltos already said he will end the forum and it makes me feeling sad that yet another piece of history will vanish into nothingness. It makes me even feel worse that I saw it coming with the introduction of big money into the game and that I participated in that myself too, although I never got rich of that.

To be honest I don't want to see this forum gone even it has not much activity anymore. Let's hear it if you are with me.

Being on here and buy and sell some tapes would be nice again and if Miltos puts on a 'donate button' he will at least get back some money so he won't have to worry about that. At least I would like that to do.

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